Days of Our Lives 7-10-17 Recap 10th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-10-17

Days of Our Lives 7-10-17 Recap 10th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-10-17, Steve had an argument with Angelica. Hope and Rafe wanted to know why Angelica was back. Kayla told them that she was after Adrienne and the Spectator. Steve said he was going after Angelica and wanted Kayla to help.

Abby and Dario convinced Immigration that they are a happy couple. They told him that they were married by a family friend. They told him how they were going to make a great life for Thomas. The guy was convinced that he could talk to Immigration for them.

Adrienne and Justin were shocked that Sonny confessed to killing Deimos. Sonny talked to Raines about killing Deimos. Raines thought he was trying to protect JJ. Sonny told Raines what he remembered. Sonny believed that based on what he remembered, he killed Deimos.

The guy from Immigration said he would file his report with the government. He said there would be more visits for Dario and Abby. When the guy left, Dario thanked Abby for her help.

Steve and Kayla broke in Anjelica’s room. Kayla wondered why they were breaking in her room. He didn’t know what they were looking for in the room. He wanted to see if there was evidence in the room.

Adrienne was upset that Sonny would confess. JJ understood why she was upset. He didn’t think Sonny should have confessed. Justin told Raines that Sonny didn’t remember stabbing Deimos so there wasn’t any evidence against him. Raines asked Sonny if he killed his uncle. Sonny said he didn’t know. Justin chimed in and said that Sonny was on drugs so he had to let him go.

Dario and Abby ran into Rafe and Hope. Rafe and Hope told them they were engaged. Dario and Abby told them that they got married. When Hope and Dario left, Rafe was surprised that Abby married Dario. Hope overheard Dario talking to Myron about needing the extra money.

While Steve and Kayla were looking in Anjelica’s room, they heard her laughing. Paul told JJ and Adrienne what Sonny remembered. The waiter from the party was questioned by a cop. The waiter said he didn’t remember anything. Raines thought that Sonny might not have killed Deimos just because he fought him. Raines wanted to call DA Trask.

Steve and Kayla were able to hide before Anjelica came in the room. She complained about her date. Steve and Kayla hid under the bed. They came out while she was in the bathroom. They snuck out of the room.

Dario told Abby that they were going on a honeymoon. She was surprised that they were going on a honeymoon. He told her about the plans. She was hesitant about all of the expensive plans he wanted to make.

Days of Our Lives 7-10-17 Recap 10th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-10-17 Recap 10th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-10-17

Raines told Sonny that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. The waiter had a memory about what happened. He told the cop that he remembered something that he left out of the statement. The cop asked if it was important. The waiter said he knew who killed Deimos.

Abby told Dario that they didn’t have to have a honeymoon.. He told her that he wanted to do something for her. She said he didn’t owe her anything. When Dario left, Hope tried to warn Abby about him. Hope thought he might be doing his father’s business. Rafe warned Dario not to get caught up in the marriage. Rafe said Abby didn’t love him. Dario thought she would in time.

Steve told Kayla that Anjelica was up to something. The cop told Raines that the waiter remembered something. The waiter told Raines what he remembered. The waiter remembered that Sonny said Deimos got what he deserved after he found his body. When Sonny came out, Raines asked if Sonny was the one he saw. The waiter said he was.

Raines wanted the waiter’s statement again. Justin said telling a dead body that he deserved to die didn’t make him a killer. Raines wasn’t convinced. He read Sonny his rights and was going to charge him with murder.

Next on Days of our lives, Lani finds a key piece of evidence regarding Deimos’s murder.

Days of Our Lives 7-10-17 Recap 10th July 2017