Days of Our Lives 7-11-19 Recap 11th July 2019


Days of Our Lives 7-11-19

Days of Our Lives 7-11-19 Recap 11th July 2019

Days of Our Lives 7-11-19 Eli let Hope know that he brought Xander in for questioning. She said she would distract Eve. Hope overheard Eve talking to Ben. Hope told her she was to blame for what happened to Claire. Eve said she didn’t know that Claire set the fires. Hope didn’t believe her. Hope said she wanted Jack to divorce her. Eve said she would charge Hope if she started trouble.

Days of Our Lives 7-11-19 Recap 11th July 2019

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Days of Our Lives 7-11-19 Recap 11th July 2019
Days of Our Lives 7-11-19

Eli said Xander killed Ted. Xander denied killing Ted. Eli played him the recording of Kate giving the anonymous tip. Xander said Kate couldn’t be trusted. He said Kate hated him.

Xander told Eli that he sent Kate on a business trip. Xander said Eli wouldn’t have any reason to keep him once he proved what he said. Eli was upset that he couldn’t get in touch with Kate. Eli said he had cause to keep Xander. Xander wanted to talk to Eve. When Eve showed up, she made Eli leave. Xander told her what happened. She said she wouldn’t help him. When he threatened to talk to Jack, she let him go. Eli called Hope and told her what was going on. Eve overheard it and threatened to fire him.

Kate put the broken bottle to Ted’s neck. He didn’t think she would kill him. He said she needed him to live until Xander came back. She said he was right. He asked her to tell Hope that he was innocent if he didn’t live.

Kristen told Stefan that he couldn’t fire her. She said it was her company. Stefan laughed at her. She said she signed a contract. She threatened to expose his affair with Gabi. She said she was taking down DiMera if she went down.

Gabi called Kristen a wh*re. Kristen called her a golddigger. Stefan said Kristen hasn’t worked since she was hired. She said he didn’t have any compassion for her. He said she wasn’t ready for that kind of work. He wanted her to leave. She threatened to sue him for wrong termination.

Kristen attacked Stefan. Abe came in and stopped her. Kristen warned him to be careful. He said he would call the police. Stefan told Abe what happened. Abe agreed that Kristen wasn’t ready to work. Kristen left.

Stefan and Gabi talked about Nicole being fired. She wanted to run Basic Black. He wasn’t sure if she should run it. He wanted to know if she was using him. She said she wasn’t.

Maggie noticed Victor’s bourbon. She sniffed the bottle. She stopped herself and said to call Brady. Sarah caught her. Maggie said she found the bottle. She said she didn’t drink it. Sarah was upset with Victor. Maggie said Victor was suffering too. She said Claire was going to Bayview so it was hard on him.

Maggie told Sarah that she should be stronger. Maggie said she was scared. Maggie said she was sober for over 30 years. She said she never thought about drinking before, but now she keeps thinking about it. Sarah wanted her to get help. Sarah suggested she go to rehab. Maggie said she would think about it.

Maggie felt bad for criticizing Rex when Sarah accepted her. Xander showed up and wanted to know where the alcohol was. Sarah said she moved it. He asked her about Chloe wearing the necklace. He said he was embarrassed. Sarah felt bad. She said Maggie almost had a drink. She told him she hid the alcohol.

Xander got food and water for Ted and Kate. Hope followed him. Kristen was upset that Nicole was fired. She thought it was time for Kristen to come out. She took off the mask. She found a gun. Abe showed up. He walked in the room and saw it destroyed.

Kristen went to the tunnel. Kate was shocked to see her. Kristen threatened to kill them.

Days of Our Lives 7-11-19 Recap 11th July 2019.


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