Days of Our Lives 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019


Days of Our Lives 7-12-19

Days of Our Lives 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

Days of Our Lives 7-12-19 Xander wasn’t going to let Ted and Kate starve so he got something for them to eat. Hope followed him when he went to the secret room. Kristen let Ted and Kate know that she was alive. Kristen put a gun to them.

Days of Our Lives 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

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Days of Our Lives 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019
Days of Our Lives 7-12-19

Kate was surprised to see Kristen alive. She said Xander told them that he was working with Nicole. They thought Holly was alive and Kristen was threatening Nicole. Kristen went along with that idea. They wanted to know what the plan was.

Kristen told Ted and Kate that she wanted what was coming to her. She didn’t care who got hurt in order for her to get it. Kate said they would keep her secret. Kristen didn’t believe them. Kristen said Brady has been sneaking around. Kristen was upset that Xander couldn’t kill them, but she didn’t have a problem doing it.

JJ told Haley that he was evicted from his apartment. When he talked to the owner of the building, he found out it was because of Haley. He said he couldn’t get evicted for personal reasons. He said he was calling a lawyer. Haley felt guilty and wanted to move out. He didn’t want to live there anymore.

Gabi and Stefan made out on Julie’s desk. Julie threw water on them. Julie called Eli and told him about them breaking in her office. Gabi took the phone from her and told Eli that Julie was crazy.

Gabi told Julie that they were having an event there for Gabi Chic and Basic Black. Julie said they weren’t having it there. Julie threw them out. Gabi told Stefan that she didn’t want to be his plaything. She wanted to know if there was something between them. She said she wanted to take the next step. He said he had feelings for her and wanted them to start dating.

JJ and Haley ran into Tripp. They told him what happened with the apartment. He asked them if they wanted to move in with him since his rent went up. They agreed to move in with him.

Xander thought he was going soft. He said he was a jerk, but he couldn’t let people starve. Hope lost Xander. She called Eli and told him what was going on. She found the chain in the garden on a statue. When she pulled the chain, she was in the tunnel.

Kristen saw Xander with food. She wanted to know what he was doing. When they walked off, Hope broke in the room. She saw Ted and Kate. Hope said she found them because of the necklace. Ted said he did that on purpose. Ted lied to Hope about Xander’s partner. He said it was Stefan.

Kristen was upset that Xander lied to her. He said he was hungry. She didn’t believe the food was for him. She told him that she let Ted and Kate live for the time being. She thought she might have a use for them.

Days of Our Lives 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019.


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