Days of Our Lives 7-14-17 Recap 14th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-14-17

Days of Our Lives 7-14-17 Recap 14th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-14-17,
Steve told Kayla that she was being set up by someone. Tripp confronted Jade about why she changed her mind about Kayla. She said that he needed to leave it alone. She thought he should focus on doing something that would make him happy. Abby confronted Dario about the money she found. He said it was from the club. She said she had to go to work. Eric wanted to know if Nicole was going to tell Brady the truth.

Steve told Kayla that he was going to find out who was setting her up. She didn’t think she could get set up when she didn’t have any enemies. He told her that she might have enemies.

Tripp told Jade the best way to get over Joey was to be with someone new. They ended up kissing each other. Abby asked someone at the police station to give her a listening device.

Eric asked Nicole if she was going to tell Brady the truth. Before she could answer, Brady showed up. He wanted to know why she was with Eric. Brady said he was there to apologize to Eric. She said she remembered something from the party. He wanted to know what she remembered. She said they kissed. Brady was upset.

Jade told Tripp that she liked him, but she wasn’t over Joey. She told him that she was spending time with her mother. She warned him to let go of what he was doing to Kayla if it didn’t work out. Jade didn’t want him to caught.

Abby snuck in to Dario’s office. Dario caught her in his office. He wanted to know what she was doing in his office. He asked if she was looking through his desk. She said she wanted to bring him lunch. He wanted her to eat with him, but she had to go. There was a shot of the listening device on the side of his desk.

Steve went to the hospital to ask questions. He asked Shelly about the files and if they could be changed. She said the doctor has passwords to the file. Shelly kept giving him a hard time about Kayla. Shelly said no one could have changed the files since the doctor comes up with the password.

Nicole went to talk to Brady. He was upset with her. She said she remembered the kiss today. He wanted to know what triggered the memory. She told him what made her remember. He thought that she was still in love with him and wanted to be with him. She said she did it because of Daniel.

Brady wanted to know how she kissed Eric because of Daniel. She blamed it on the drug. She said they both thought they saw Daniel. She said Eric saw him first. She said Daniel told Eric to forgive himself. Daniel told her to forgive him too. She said she thought she was kissing Daniel. She said she could have lied to him. She loved him too much to do that. She asked if he could forgive her.

Days of Our Lives 7-14-17 Recap 14th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-14-17 Recap 14th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-14-17

Abby listened to Dario’s conversation. She heard him telling Myron about someone finding the counterfeit money. She heard him say that they had to focus on Titan. She was upset about what she was listening to.

Kayla got into an argument with Tripp over Jade. He compared Jade to Ava and was upset when Kayla insulted her. When he left, she told Steve what happened. She told him that Tripp wasn’t over what happened to Ava. Steve told her that he questioned Shelly. He said that he thought Shelly set her up.

Abby talked Eric about Dario. She told him what she overheard him saying about Titan. Eric said Dario couldn’t do that to Brady. She wanted to help Dario so he wouldn’t end up like his father or dead.

Kayla didn’t think that Shelly would jeopardize her career. Kayla remembered that she wrote Shelly up a while ago. Steve thought Shelly might have gotten revenge on her for it. Kayla wasn’t sure. He asked who else would do it. Brady told Nicole that he forgave her. Abby called Andre and asked him for help.

Next on Days of our lives, A bachelor and bachelorette party airs in September. Some scenes are at the Brady’s pub.

Days of Our Lives 7-14-17 Recap 14th July 2017