Days of Our Lives 7-17-17 Recap 17th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-17-17

Days of Our Lives 7-17-17 Recap 17th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-17-17, Abby went to see Andre. She wanted to talk to him about Dario. Paul tried to convince Sonny that he didn’t kill Deimos. Sonny said he did kill him. Justin met Marlena to ask her to hypnotize Sonny. She agreed to do it.

Andre wanted to know who Abby wanted to talk about. She said Dario. They argued over her divorcing Chad. Andre wanted to know why she needed his help. She wanted him to keep it a secret. He agreed to keep it a secret. She told him that Dario was counterfeiting money. She also thought there was something else going on.

Hope and Rafe talked about Xander killing Deimos. She thought Xander could have done it. Rafe didn’t think there was enough evidence to pin it on Xander. She was still convinced Xander could have killed Deimos since he had a motive.

Marlena went to see Sonny to hypnotize him. Sonny wanted Justin and Paul to stay. He said he would have told them anything he remembered. She was ready to get started.

Andre wanted to know why Abby didn’t talk to Dario. Andre thought she wanted to use it against Dario in divorce court. She thought Dario would convince himself that he is doing the right thing. She told him what her plan was. He wanted to know what she wanted from him. She needed resources to find out what Dario was doing. Andre said he knew a hacker.

Andre called the DiMera IT over to the house. He tried to talk to her about her marriage. She said she would stand by him regardless of what she found out. Theo showed up at the house. She was upset that Andre called Theo. She didn’t want him to get involved. Andre said he was the best and would be discreet.

Marlena asked Sonny if he was wearing the amulet. He told her what happened when he saw Deimos. He told her that Deimos ripped the amulet off his neck. Sonny said he wanted to go after him, but he couldn’t. When he saw Deimos, he was scared he would be in trouble.

Marlena ended the hypnosis. Sonny said he was capable of murder. Justin and Paul told him that that didn’t mean he killed Deimos. Sonny said the waiter saw him standing over Deimos. Justin said he might have killed him in self defense. Sonny wasn’t convinced

Days of Our Lives 7-17-17 Recap 17th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-17-17 Recap 17th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-17-17

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Abby didn’t want Theo to be involved. Theo didn’t want Abby and Andre to whisper around him. Andre told Theo that they wanted him to break in Dario’s files. Theo thought it was illegal. She told Andre that she didn’t want Theo involved. Theo said he would do it for her.

Theo told Abby and Andre that he had to go to GDR’s computer because he couldn’t do it at home. She called Dario and found out that he and Myron were going to be out of the office for two hours. Theo said he would do it.

Abby and Theo broke in Dario’s office. Theo wanted to hurry up and get it over with. He got on Dario’s computer. Hope told Rafe that Xander’s prints weren’t on the DNA results. When Rafe said Hope thought Xander killed Deimos, Paul overheard him.

Theo didn’t know what he was looking for at first. He told Abby that he found something. He showed her what he found. Paul believed that Xander could have killed Deimos. Rafe said Xander couldn’t be in two places at once. Paul called someone and asked for the person’s help. Xander was shown in a cell.

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Days of Our Lives 7-17-17 Recap 17th July 2017