Days of Our Lives 7-21-17 Recap 21st July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-21-17

Days of Our Lives 7-21-17 Recap 21st July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-21-17,
Chad went to see Dario about him stealing from him. Dario thought Chad was talking about Abby. Chad said it was the money. Chad said he would have gone to the police if it weren’t for Gabi and Abby. Dario said that he knew something about him.

Abby told Andre and Kate that Chad could go to prison. Kate didn’t believe it. Abby told her that she saw the proof. Kate wanted to know what the proof was. Abby said she saw a photo.

Anjelica talked to Hattie about the plan. Hattie said she was the plan. Anjelica said that Hattie had to be Marlena if she wanted to be with Roman. Hattie knew what she had to do. Anjelica said they would get the men they loved.

Hope told Rafe about Myron hacking the money. She told him that Myron made a deal with the police to sell out Dario. Rafe knew Dario didn’t change. Rafe mentioned what Dario did to Abby. Hope wanted to know what Dario did.

Abby told Kate and Andre that she confronted Dario about stealing the money. Abby said that Dario showed her the picture after she confronted him. Kate wanted to know if she told Chad. Abby said she didn’t. Kate wanted to know what Dario wanted. Abby said to stay married to her.

Claire tried to talk Theo into getting back together. He didn’t want to be with her anymore because of the sex tape. She said Jade did it. He thought it didn’t change things. He didn’t want to get hurt again and wanted to be friends. She said she couldn’t be friends.

Rafe told Hope that Dario married Abby to keep from being deported. Rafe told her what would happen if Dario got deported. She was upset that Rafe didn’t tell her about it. She said she could have stopped Abby from marrying Dario.

Dario and Chad continued to talk about what Dario had on him. Chad didn’t believe that he had anything. Chad said Dario would have told him. Dario said he didn’t have to say anything.

Anjelica tried to quiz Hattie to see if she was ready to be Marlena, but she wasn’t. Anjelica said she wasn’t ready to pretend to be her. Anjelica said she was going to the state prison. Hattie said there was someone she wanted to see there.

John and Paul looked at footage of Xander in prison and found out he never left. Paul was upset that Xander didn’t do it. The man at the Greek prison told them that Xander didn’t leave the prison.

Dario showed Chad a picture and told him that he didn’t want to hurt Gabi or Abby. Dario said as much as Chad wanted him to pay, he didn’t want to hurt them. Kate told Abby that she found out that Dario didn’t need to marry her. Kate said that Dario could have handled his immigration problems on his own. She said that Dario wanted Abby. Abby was shocked.

Marlena talked to Claire about trying to be with Theo. Marlena tried to give her advice about being friends with him. Claire didn’t think she could be friends with him. Marlena said she only had two choices. When Marlena left, Claire saw Theo and told him she wanted to be friends. He liked it.

Dario told Chad that he had Gabi and that he wasn’t in prison like Sonny. Chad told Dario that he would get everything that he took from him back. Hope told Rafe that the D.A. was going to accept Myron’s deal. Hope and Rafe went to arrest Dario.

Abby was shocked that Dario lied to her. Abby told Kate and Andre that she had Raines check out Dario. Kate said they needed access to Dario’s phone. Abby said she could get it. Kate said to delete the picture. Kate said the picture could have been photoshopped. Abby said the picture was real and that was why she needed them to help Chad. Andre called someone and told the person he needed help.

Anjelica ropes another face from Salem’s past into her master plan.

Days of Our Lives 7-21-17 Recap 21st July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-21-17 Recap 21st July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-21-17

Andre asked if Dario had any other evidence against Chad. Abby said she didn’t know. Theo came to the mansion. Andre asked him to hack into Dario’s phone and delete a picture. Andre wanted Theo to get rid of all of the pictures. Theo said he would. Abby didn’t want Theo to tell anyone what he was doing. Theo asked if it would help Chad. Andre said it would. Theo agreed to keep quiet. Andre told Abby to go along with what Dario wanted so he wouldn’t suspect anything.

Rafe and Hope went to arrest Dario. Dario didn’t understand what was going on. Rafe read him his rights. John and Paul questioned Xander. Xander said he wanted to dance on his uncle’s grave. Xander said he heard that Sonny killed him. When he said he didn’t think Sonny was man enough, Paul attacked him and wanted him to admit that he killed Deimos.

Hattie went to the prison. She told a guard that she was there to see a friend. The friend turned out to be someone who looked like Adrienne. Paul told Xander that a charger and a magazine were found the night Deimos died. Xander said a person would have to be Houdini or Victor to pull off the murder. Paul wanted to know what he meant by that. Abby showed up at club TBD as Rafe and Hope arrested Dario. Abby wanted to know what was going on. Hope said they were taking Dario. Dario said he would be home. Dario let Rafe and Hope know that he could give them a bigger fish to fry.

Next on Days of our lives, It’s double the trouble as a pair of mischief-makers devise plans for revenge.

Days of Our Lives 7-21-17 Recap 21st July 2017