Days of Our Lives 7-28-17 Recap 28th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-28-17

Days of Our Lives 7-28-17 Recap 28th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-28-17, Anjelica asked Hattie if Bonnie was on board with the plan. Hattie said she was. Hattie said that Bonnie wanted to get revenge on Maggie. Anjelica wanted to make sure that Bonnie was released from prison. Hattie said she would get her out.

Steve told Kayla that he was going to find out who set her up. Kayla agreed to let him help her. Chad showed up just as Abby and Dario were leaving. She wanted to know why he was there. Chad said he heard that she was going to the witness protection with him.

Tripp wanted to go with Steve and Kayla to the hearing. Tripp thought he could help her. Kayla appreciated his help. Steve thought it was a good idea for him to be there.

Days of Our Lives 7-28-17 Recap 28th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-28-17 Recap 28th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-28-17

Dario tried to stop Chad from talking to Abby. Chad and Abby talked. He told her that she shouldn’t leave. He didn’t want her doing that to his son. She said Thomas was her son too. He said Thomas wasn’t her son if she was going to abandon him.

Steve, Kayla, and Tripp went to see Shelly. Shelly didn’t want to be ambushed. Steve said she didn’t have to talk to Kayla. He said she could talk to him. He said someone in the room was setting her up.

Dario and Chad got into a fight over Abby. She yelled at them to stop. Dario told him that he was never going to see her again. Chad asked if he knew who he was. Dario said he knew who he was and that he would do anything to stop people from getting in his way.

Steve told Shelly that the charts were altered after Kayla used them. Shelly asked if they were accusing her. Steve said it wouldn’t be the first time she did that. He brought up what she did on her last job. She said that she would never put people’s lives at risk.

Abby stopped Dario and Chad from fighting. Dario said that Chad was capable of murder. She said that she would lose leverage over her and Chad if he said anything. She said that she wouldn’t go with him. Dario said she is always looking out for Chad. When he walked off, she told Chad she had to go with Dario.

Anjelica gave Hattie the keys to Marlena’s townhouse. Someone was watching Marlena and let Anjelica know that she was leaving. Anjelica let Hattie know that she could go to the townhouse.

Tripp told Shelly that he noticed the dosage Kayla gave Hope and that was why he stopped her. Shelly said she was a nurse for a long time and would never change the dosage. Steve asked why she left her last job. She said she stood up for herself. She told Kayla she respected her and would never set her up. When Shelly left, Steve asked if Tripp thought she was telling the truth.

Chad tried to talk Abby out of leaving their son. She told him not to make it worse. He wanted her to tell him why she was doing this. She said she was doing it for him.

Steve asked Tripp if Shelly set up Kayla. Tripp thought it had to be her. Kayla thought someone else might have done it. Steve was going to check it out. Tripp wanted to help, but Steve didn’t want him to. Kayla thanked them for helping her.

Abe wanted to see Theo. Abe had the laptop with him. He wanted to talk about the laptop. He also wanted to talk about what he was doing with the DiMeras. Chad continued to stop Abby from leaving. He said they could fix whatever was wrong.

Steve overheard Tripp talking to Claire about Kayla possibly messing up the patients’ files. Tripp said Kayla was out of it lately. Abe told Theo that he trusted him and didn’t look at the files. Theo said he would help the DiMeras because they were family. Theo said he would help him too. Abe let him do what he wanted. When Abe left, Theo got on the computer to get rid of the picture.

Chad was upset with Abby for not listening to him. He said he would tell Thomas that she abandoned him. Chad asked how she could leave him again. He told her that he kept thinking about her and that she was coming between him and Gabi. He told her about the ring. He ended up telling her to leave. He wanted her to stay dead this time.

Steve asked Claire if anyone ever said anything about Kayla. She said no. She told him that Tripp was there all of the time. He is there on his days off. Steve was suspicious. Dario and Chad argued over Abby. Theo called Abby and told her that he deleted the photo. Theo said Dario didn’t have the picture anymore. She realized she didn’t have to go with Dario. While Dario and Chad were arguing, a car came out of nowhere. Dario walked away. Chad stood there looking at the car. Abby screamed Chad’s name.

Next on Days of our lives, Abigail is seriously hurt when she saves Chad’s life.

Days of Our Lives 7-28-17 Recap 28th July 2017