Days of Our Lives 7-3-17 Recap 3rd July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-3-17

Days of Our Lives 7-3-17 Recap 3rd July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-3-17, JJ told Jennifer that he didn’t remember killing Deimos. She said that he didn’t do it. Abby said that they were all on Halo so they didn’t know what happened. JJ said as much as he hated Deimos, it was possible that he killed him. Chad thought about renewing his vows with Abby. He wondered why he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Gabi was worried about JJ being arrested. Rafe said that Lani was drugged and didn’t know what was going on. Gabi was afraid that JJ would be in trouble. While she was talking about JJ, Rafe noticed that she cared too much. He thought that she might have still had feelings for JJ.

Dario showed up at the police station to talk to Abby. He said it was important. Jennifer said being with JJ was important too, but Abby went to talk to Dario. Jennifer said that she wanted to keep the people she loved safe. JJ wondered if she was talking about him or Abby. Dario wanted Abby to go with him and said it was a matter of life or death for him.

Days of Our Lives 7-3-17 Recap 3rd July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-3-17 Recap 3rd July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-3-17

Dario said Immigration was going to check on him sooner than later. He said it could be today or tomorrow. He said that he could be arrested since the laws were so strict. He thought it would be better if they got married. Abby said she couldn’t run off and get married when her brother was going to get married. He thought that a five-minute ceremony wouldn’t stop her from being with her brother. She reminded him that they weren’t going to have a real marriage. He said that it wouldn’t be strange to do something positive for him. She thought that no one would look at marriage with him as a joyous occasion. He thought that she was having cold feet. He told her that he would understand if she changed her mind. He asked her to marry him tonight.

Rafe asked Gabi if she did something that she would regret. She told him that she danced with JJ. Rafe wondered what was wrong with it. She said the way it made her feel when he was holding her. She said that it was intense. JJ didn’t want Jennifer to worry about her because she was fine. She said that he was going to be fine too. She wanted to make some calls and would be back.

While Sonny was talking to Justin about JJ, he had a vision about Deimos. When Justin left to go help JJ, Sonny wondered if he could have been the one who killed him. While Sonny was talking to himself about it, Paul wondered what he was talking about. Sonny wondered how long he was there. Sonny said he was talking about work. Paul thought Sonny was firing people again. Paul was worried that Sonny was changing on him. Sonny told Paul that he remembered fighting with Deimos and how he ripped the amulet from his neck. Paul said that his memory might have made him think that happened. Paul said Deimos died in the living room. Paul asked if Sonny told anyone else about his memory. Sonny said he didn’t. Paul said that JJ should get off for killing Deimos. Sonny was worried that JJ could go down for something he didn’t do.

Gabi told Rafe that she didn’t have feelings for JJ. Chad went to the police station to help JJ. Jennifer wanted Chad to talk Abby out of marrying Dario. Chad said Abby divorced him and that he was with Gabi now. Jennifer said that he still loved her. They argued over him not being able to stop Abby from marrying Dario. Chad went to look for Dario.

Abby wanted to know if Dario was trying to force her to marry him now. He said that he needed to get married now. He asked if something happened with Chad. She said nothing was going on between her and Chad. Dario told her that rushing to get married should let her know that there were no romantic feelings involved. Dario found out that the courthouse was booked. Dario asked Abe if he could marry him and Abby.

Abe didn’t realize that Dario and Abby were in love. He told him that they were. Abe wanted to talk to Abby alone. He wanted to know if she really wanted to get married to Dario. Rafe told Gabi that he proposed to Hope and that she turned him down. He told her that he needed her help.

Chad confronted Sonny about taking the amulet. Chad told him that the amulet was cursed. Sonny didn’t believe that the amulet made Deimos drug everyone. Sonny said if it was cursed, Deimos was the last victim.

Hope told Justin that JJ was questioned. Justin said that Lani’s testimony wouldn’t do any good since she was under the influence of drugs. Justin told JJ that the police didn’t have any evidence against him. JJ said that even if he didn’t stab Deimos one of them at the party did.

Sonny told Chad that Justin would get JJ off. Sonny said that no one them may remember what happened to Deimos. Chad was glad that Deimos was dead. He was also glad that the amulet was gone. Abe told Abby that he wouldn’t perform the ceremony without talking to Jennifer first. Abby said she was a grown woman, but he still refused to perform the ceremony.

Abe told Abby that Jennifer gave her blessing. He said that she didn’t sound happy. Abby said that she would be happy. Abe said he didn’t have the vows with him so he would have to go by memory. He asked if they had their vows. Dario said that he had his vows. He said his vows to Abby. She said her vows to Dario.

Hope told JJ that she didn’t have his release papers. He wanted to know what was wrong. She said that there was a record of new charges against him. JJ was surprised that there was more evidence against him. JJ said they found Deimos’s DNA under his nails. She said he was going to be charged with murder because of the new evidence. She read him his rights.

Sonny had a vision of seeing Deimos on the floor. He touched Deimos’ body and got blood on his hands. Sonny was shocked by the memory he had. Rafe bought an engagement ring for Hope. Chad walked in TBD while Abe was marrying Dario and Abby.

Next on Days of our lives, Chad and Gabi become surprise witnesses to Abigail and Dario’s last-minute wedding; thanks to Eric, Nicole gets caught in a lie; Joey makes a confession to Tripp about Ava; Tripp continues to make trouble for Kayla.

Days of Our Lives 7-3-17 Recap 3rd July 2017

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