Days of Our Lives 7-4-17 Recap 4th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-4-17

Days of Our Lives 7-4-17 Recap 4th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-4-17, Eric told Roman that he made a mistake with Nicole. Brady wanted to talk to Nicole about what happened at the party. Chad asked Abby if she was getting married.

Tripp told Jade that he almost killed someone with his plan. He said he knew Kayla killed his mother, but he didn’t want to hurt anybody. He told her that he would do it one more time. He fixed another file. Kayla came back and invited him to a cookout.

Eric told Roman what happened between him and Nicole. Nicole told Brady that nothing happened between her and Eric. Brady wanted to know why Deimos was there. She said it was to steal the amulet. She said that it was a good thing that Deimos was dead.

Days of Our Lives 7-4-17 Recap 4th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-4-17 Recap 4th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-4-17

Chad ripped into Abby for marrying Dario so fast. Dario told him to get out of the club, but he wanted to hear from her. Gabi showed up and wanted to know what was going on.

Nicole talked to Brady about how she was with Deimos. She told Brady how it made her feel when she was with Deimos. Brady said nothing or no one would come between them again.

Chad and Gabi were upset that Dario and Abby were getting married. Abby thought it was the right time to get married. Gabi was suddenly okay with Dario and Abby getting married. Chad was still upset about it because it was too soon. Abby tried to make an excuse for why she was getting married. Gabi gave them her approval.

Tripp talked to Joey about Ava. Joey told him that Ava came to him first. Joey said that she made it seem as if she was a friend of the family. Joey told Tripp what Ava did to Steve and Kayla. Tripp felt as if Joey was holding out on him.

Chad said he was going to stay for the wedding. Abby and Dario wanted Chad to see them get married. Abby wanted Gabi to take pictures. Abe continued with the ceremony.

Joey told Tripp to let what happened to Ava go. Tripp said he may as well let it go. Joey welcomed him into the family. Brady wanted to talk to Eric about what happened at the party. Eric mentioned a room at the party. Brady was upset about what happened.

Abby hesitated when she said her vows. She didn’t want to do the traditional vows. Abe told Dario to say his vows. She ended up doing her vows. Chad thought about stopping the wedding because he was in love with her. Chad couldn’t watch when Abe told Dario to kiss Abby.

Eric told Brady that it meant nothing. Brady wanted to know what happened. Before Eric could answer, Nicole showed up. Brady wanted her to tell him what she remembered. She said she remembered going to Eric’s room and woke up next to him.

Dario talked to Chad about Thomas. Chad didn’t want Dario to have anything to do with Thomas. Abby said she was Thomas’ parent too. Chad reminded her that she wasn’t there for him. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he wanted to tell her something, but it didn’t matter what he wanted to say. He congratulated her on her marriage and left.

Gabi was happy for Abby. Abby thanked her for being there. Gabi said she would talk to Chad. When Abby left, Gabi talked to Dario about the wedding. Gabi said she would talk to Chad. She told him to be with his wife.

Brady understood why Nicole and Eric couldn’t remember anything. Eric and Nicole were surprised that he understood it. Brady said he trusted them. They were relieved.

Tripp told Jade that he was having second thoughts about ruining Kayla’s life. He didn’t want to lose what he had with the Johnsons since he never had it before. He thought that Kayla was a nice person who doesn’t seem like a killer. He didn’t want to set her up anymore.

Chad told Gabi that he was glad he saw Dario and Abby get married. He thought it solidified what he knew. She wanted to know what he meant. He said that Gabi was his future.

Next on Days of our lives, Kayla finds herself in hot water at work; Rafe plans a special surprise for Hope; Claire tells Theo she wants to get back together; Maggie gives Theo advice about his future.

Days of Our Lives 7-4-17 Recap 4th July 2017