Days of Our Lives 7-6-17 Recap 6th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-6-17

Days of Our Lives 7-6-17 Recap 6th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-6-17, Rafe was upset that Hope didn’t answer his proposal. She tried to explain why she didn’t answer him, but he didn’t want to hear it. She told him she loved him. He reluctantly said it back. He left to go to the police station.

Nicole talked to Eric about the party. She told him that she remembered seeing Daniel. Eric said he had a memory of Daniel too.

Sonny talked to Paul about Deimos. Sonny had a memory about fighting with Deimos. Sonny was upset that JJ was going to be charged with murder when he could have done it. Paul said anyone could have killed Deimos.

Days of Our Lives 7-6-17 Recap 6th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-6-17 Recap 6th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-6-17

Sonny and Brady got into an argument over Titan. Brady was mad that he had to deal with the lawsuits because of the firings. Sonny said he was right to fire them. They continued to argue about it until Paul stopped it.

Lani told JJ, Eli, and Rafe that she wanted to be hypnotized. She thought it would help JJ. Eli told her that it wasn’t a good idea because it might implicate JJ. JJ wanted her to get hypnotized.

Hope talked to Marlena about Rafe proposing to her. Hope told her that she had issues with Aiden for why she wasn’t sure about getting married. Marlena gave her advice about it before she left. Later, Hope ran into Julie and talked about Rafe. Julie was surprised that Hope didn’t accept the proposal after everything he went through to ask her.

Nicole told Eric that Daniel wanted her to forgive him. Daniel wanted to know if she did forgive him. She never answered him. She managed to leave the room.

Marlena went to the police station. Marlena wanted everyone to stay while she hypnotized Lani. Marlena asked Lani questions about the party. Lani told her what happened when she saw JJ with Deimos. JJ didn’t remember what Lani was saying. Lani said she remembered something else.

Marlena asked what Lani remembered. She couldn’t remember anything else. Marlena wanted her to relax. She took Lani out of hypnosis. Lani told them what she remembered. Rafe wanted to find the woman and dog that Lani said she saw the night Deimos was killed.

Julie was shocked that Hope had to think about marrying Rafe. Julie told her that he was a good man. Hope agreed that he was a good man, but the problem was her. She was afraid that she would disappoint him. Julie said Bo would approve of her marrying Rafe. She told Hope to be with the man she loved.

Rafe told Lani that he found the woman Lani remembered. He said that she found Lani and Eli together. JJ said that cleared them of murdering Deimos. Lani said something was missing. JJ said they had to find something because it was looking bad for him.

Hope met Rafe at the park. She told him that she loved him. She said her hesitation had nothing to do with her feelings for him. She said she loved him and that he had her heart. She proposed to him.

Rafe got on his knee and proposed to her. She said yes. They told each other that they loved each other. They were happy about getting married.

Paul noticed that Sonny was distracted. Paul wanted to know what happened. Sonny told him that something happened last night. Paul wanted to know what happened. Sonny said he thought he killed Deimos.

Next on Days of our lives, Sonny is faced with a tough decision; Gabi and Chad try to reconnect, but Chad is troubled by the memory of Abigail; Gabi provides JJ with support during his ordeal; Lucas confronts Kate about her marriage to Andre.

Days of Our Lives 7-6-17 Recap 6th July 2017