Days of Our Lives 7-7-17 Recap 7th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-7-17

Days of Our Lives 7-7-17 Recap 7th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-7-17, Chad thought about Abby. Gabi interrupted his thought. They talked about spending time with each other. JJ told Justin that he still killed a man. He didn’t know how to live with himself.

Jennifer wanted Abby to remember what happened at the party. She couldn’t remember. Sonny told Paul that he killed Deimos. Paul kept telling him that he was under the drugs. Paul asked if he remembered stabbing Deimos. Sonny said he remembered attacking Deimos. Sonny told him that he wanted to kill Deimos. Victor came in and told him not to turn himself in to the police.

Lucas found out that Kate and Andre were married. Lucas didn’t approve of it. Abby told Jennifer and JJ that she was married. They didn’t approve of her being married. Gabi and talked about what happened at the party. When she left, he thought about calling Abby.

Days of Our Lives 7-7-17 Recap 7th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-7-17 Recap 7th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-7-17

Lucas let Kate know that he didn’t approve of her marriage. She told him why she married Andre. Lucas didn’t care about her reason for marrying him. He thought it was a mistake.

Abby told Jennifer that Chad and Gabi were at her wedding. Jennifer thought Abby wasn’t in the position to make that decision with everything that was going on. Abby said she knew what she was doing. Abby promised to tell her any life changing decisions.

Chad ran into Abby and wanted to talk about the renewal and the kiss. Adrienne went to see Sonny, but Paul stopped her. Victor told Sonny not to turn himself in for killing Deimos. Sonny thought he did do it. Sonny told Victor that he wanted him dead. Victor said everyone at the party wanted him dead. Sonny asked what if he did kill Deimos. Victor told him not to let him or his parents down.

Lucas hoped that Kate protected herself. She said it was a business deal. He couldn’t believe that she married a man who beat him up while Andre was in drag. Adrienne asked Victor where Sonny was. Victor said he went out to the garden. Paul said he had to go to the police station. Victor told him not to say anything to the police if he wanted a future with Sonny.

Gabi went to the police station and told JJ that she was hypnotized. She said she couldn’t remember anything. He thought it was better that they didn’t remember anything. Abby reminded Chad that he wanted to put the kiss behind them. He wanted to know what else happened. He thought about the kiss and what happened when they stopped. She asked if he remembered something.

Gabi told JJ that he didn’t screw up. She said that Deimos drugged him. JJ said that he still killed him. She said Deimos probably attacked him for why he did it. JJ told her not to worry. She said she would always care about him.

Chad and Abby talked about what they remembered after he saw Deimos. Neither one of them could remember seeing the other after they went looking for Deimos. Sonny went to the Martin house. He thought about what Paul telling him to turn himself in and Victor telling him not to.

Adrienne met Jennifer at the station. Jennifer told her that JJ might not be prosecuted because he was on drugs. Paul showed up to talk to Raines. Raines wanted to know if he had any additional information on what happened since he was the only one who wasn’t drugged.

Paul told Raines he didn’t see the murder. Raines said that they had enough to prosecute JJ. Paul said he didn’t know the truth. Chad and Abby showed up to make a statement. They said they remembered something that happened.

Chad wanted to tell Gabi something. He told her that he and Abby renewed their vows and they kissed. Gabi asked if anything else happened. He said it didn’t. He said they saw Deimos. Chad said this kiss meant nothing.

Paul told JJ that someone else might remember something since Chad and Abby did. Justin said JJ would get off because or the lack of evidence. Sonny came in and said he killed Deimos.

Next on Days of our lives, Steve(Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) break into Anjelica’s (Morgan Fairchild) hotel room.

Days of Our Lives 7-7-17 Recap 7th July 2017