Days of Our Lives 8-12-19 Recap 12th August 2019


Days of Our Lives 8-12-19

Days of Our Lives 8-12-19 Recap 12th August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-12-19 Ben and Ciara talked about why Gabi and Stefan got married. He wanted to know where that left him. He said Gabi knew his loyalty lied with Stefan. Ciara thought Gabi might hold a grudge against him because of when he kidnapped her before. Gabi ended up calling him. She wanted him to increase security because Stefan got on the property.

Days of Our Lives 8-12-19 Recap 12th August 2019

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Days of Our Lives 8-12-19 Recap 12th August 2019
Days of Our Lives 8-12-19

Stefan showed up to see Ben. Ben told him he was sorry that Gabi betrayed him. Stefan told Ben to investigate Hope. Ciara asked why. Stefan told her that Hope shot his father in cold blood. He said she had it in her to shoot shoot someone who has wronged her. Ciara said Ben wasn’t going to investigate Hope.

Ciara told Stefan that Ted had a lot of enemies. She said Stefan was one of them. Stefan wanted the money Hope found at Ted’s place. Stefan told them that Hope found a hundred dollar bill from a mysterious woman. He said she found the necklace in the garbage. Ciara said she saw the necklace. They talked about who the woman was and why she got rid of the evidence. Ben said he would find the woman framing him.

John told Marlena that Tony was alive. Marlena wanted to know how. John said Rolf brought him back. John told her that Tony and Nicole were married. Marlena wondered about Anna. She said Anna would be upset if she found out.

Tony and Kristen argued about DiMera Enterprises. They also argued about Anna. He said he didn’t like being married to his sister. He didn’t like her plan either. She wanted him to be patient. She said when she was CEO, they would get a divorce.

Kristen told Tony that she saved his life. He said he was thankful that she did. He told her that he wanted to see Anna. She threatened to kill him if he did.

Anna spoke to Roman and Kate. Anna thought they were back together. They told her they weren’t. They wondered why she would cared. They asked about Tony. Anna thought it was time to let Tony go. She took out the urn. They were shocked because it was a murder weapon. Anna said the police gave it to her.

Roman told Anna that Tony was alive. Anna didn’t believe it. Kate said she saw him. She said Tony spent the night in her room. Anna was furious. Kate said nothing happened. She said she felt sorry for him because he didn’t have anywhere to go. Anna wanted to know why he didn’t reach out to her. Kate told her that Nicole was married to him. Anna left to find Tony and Nicole.

Chloe asked Brady why he was looking at Kristen’s picture. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He told her about Nicole marrying Tony. He told her how he had sex with Nicole. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about Kristen’s tattoo. He said Nicole had scar tissue where Kristen had her tattoo.

Days of Our Lives 8-12-19 Recap 12th August 2019.


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