Days of Our Lives 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019


Days of Our Lives 8-13-19

Days of Our Lives 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-13-19 Xander thought about Sarah. Will and Sonny came in. Will wanted a comment for his article about Ted’s murder. Xander was shocked. He didn’t have a comment for the article. Will wanted to know if Xander knew who killed Ted. Xander thought about Kristen. Xander thought Will, Sonny and Kate were good suspect. Will asked why Ted accused Xander of kidnapping him from the pier when there was no footage of it.

Days of Our Lives 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019

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Days of Our Lives 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019
Days of Our Lives 8-13-19

Anna ran into Tony was happy to see her. She slapped in the face. He tried to keep her from hitting him which made her hit him again. She hit him for not telling her that he was alive. She hit him for sleeping at Kate’s and for marrying Nicole.

John told Brady that he and Marlena were celebrating their 30th anniversary. John said Kristen messed things up for them. Brady thought about Kristen’s tattoo. Brady offered to help with the party. When Brady left, Hope showed up. She needed John’s help.

Hope told John about the money Ted had. She told him about the woman who dropped the money. John was willing to help her. She said her main suspect was Nicole. He thought she was incapable of murder.

Tony and Anna talked. Anna told him that she shot Steve because she was grieving. Tony said that he barely made it out of Rolf’s warehouse alive. He said he was able to get the strength to call her. He said he wanted to see her. She didn’t care. They talked about Brady. They also talked about Nicole marrying Tony. He told her it was so Nicole could be CEO of DiMera. She didn’t want him to get caught up in the DiMera business. She said that was what killed him the first time.

Amna told Tony to take over the business. He didn’t want to. He said Nicole saved his life in the warehouse so he felt responsible. Anna cried. She said she loved that about him. He said he only wanted her. She asked him to get a divorce. He said he couldn’t. He told her why he couldn’t divorce her. She was angry and walked away.

Kristen opened the door to Marlena. Marlena said she knew how heartbroken she was about Holly. Marlena wanted to talk to her. Nicole let her in. Kristen blamed Eric for her loss. Marlena said Eric loved her. Marlena said he wasn’t responsible for Holly’s death.

Marlena and Kristen talked about Tony. Nicole said she did it for Brady. Kristen told Marlena to stay out of her business. Marlena told her that it affected her family. Kristen called her sanctimonious. Marlena called Brady vulnerable. Kristen pulled out a gun. Marlena didn’t notice the gun and was going to call the police. Brady showed up. Marlena left. Kristen kissed him. He said kissing her felt familiar. He didn’t understand it.

Days of Our Lives 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019.


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