Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Recap 20th August 2019


Days of Our Lives 8-20-19

Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Recap 20th August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Marlena talked to John about Nicole. They didn’t like Brady being with her. Marlena said Nicole was unstable. Marlena wasn’t sure what she was capable of doing. John told her that Brady and Nicole were back together. Marlena said she knew Nicole was only married to Tony in name only.

Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Recap 20th August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Recap 20th August 2019
Days of Our Lives 8-20-19

John told Marlena that he and Hope were investigating Ted’s murder. John said Nicole was the suspect. Marlena said she would talk to Nicole again, but John didn’t think she should. He invited her to go to Doug’s Place for their anniversary. She said she was hoping he would want to do that.

Tripp said that he was sorry for giving Haley his prescription. Kayla said Haley was okay, but she didn’t approve of what he did. He said he was starting to fall for Haley, but she didn’t feel the same about him. He said he didn’t want Haley to know how he felt. Kayla said he deserved happiness despite what he has done in the past.

JJ told Haley that he didn’t like that Tripp gave her the medication. She said she didn’t want him to be worried. She didn’t want him to see her as weak. He said she was a strong person. They kissed each other. Tripp showed up and saw them.

Tripp told JJ that he was sorry. Tripp said he was trying to help. He said he wouldn’t have forgiven himself if anything happened to Haley. She said she was okay. She said JJ was sorry for his reaction at the hospital. JJ said he and Haley should move out.

Will told Brady that he and Sonny found proof that Xander was getting money from Kristen. Brady said Maggie thought she saw Kristen at Nicole’s place. Brady gave him tickets to the anniversary party. Brady said Susan was invited too.

Kristen was upset that Sonny was bothering her before she could get rid of Gabi. Stefan started to move in the dungeon. Kristen put Gabi in the room and locked it. When Stefan woke up, he told Gabi that Kristen was alive.

Kristen put the Nicole mask on. Sonny let himself in the mansion. Sonny said he had to get Arianna’s bathing suit. She told him to get it. She said she had a meeting with Gabi, but she wasn’t there. When he went to get the bathing suit, Kristen wondered what to do with Gabi and Stefan.

Gabi told Stefan that Kristen was Nicole. He was confused. Gabi told him what happened after their fight. He thought it was crazy, but she thought it made sense. She said Kristen wanted to be CEO and wanted Brady. Gabi didn’t like Nicole, but she wasn’t crazy.

Sonny told Will and Brady how Nicole wss acting. Brady called her. He told her that he wanted to see her. When Brady left, Sonny told Will how Nicole was acting. He said he saw Gabi’s phone.

Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Recap 20th August 2019.


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