Days of Our Lives 8-21-19 Recap 21st August 2019


Days of Our Lives 8-21-19

Days of Our Lives 8-21-19 Recap 21st August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-20-19 Gabi tells Stefan that he had feelings for her. He said he is a decent human being. He wanted to know why she cared. She said she didn’t. He said Rafe told him that she was having regrets about what she did to him. He thought it was true. She reminded him of the things he did to her in the past.

Days of Our Lives 8-21-19 Recap 21st August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-21-19 Recap 21st August 2019
Days of Our Lives 8-21-19

Stefan and Gabi argued over who hated the other more. She told him that she would take everything from him. He took his shirt off and asked her what more did she want from him. He asked her if she wanted his shirt. He threw the shirt at her. She threw it back at him. He said they could pretend, but they knew what was going on between them. They started kissing.

John called Chloe to confirm the anniversary plans. Once he got off the phone with her, Marlena showed up. They talked about Brady and Nicole. They decided to talk about it later. He said he had a secret. He showed her their wedding cake.

Tony and Anna saw each other at the town square. They were shopping for anniversary gifts for John and Marlena. Tony made a comment about Anna marrying Roman. Anna said he was married to Nicole. She said she couldn’t wait to marry Roman.

Eric went to see Roman. Roman told him that Rex found a place in Chicago. Eric was sorry for the way things turned out. Roman thought it was over. Eric said he wasn’t being honest about his feelings for Sarah. Eric told him that Brady and Nicole had sex. He also told him that he attacked Brady. He said Sarah thought he still had feelings for Nicole. Roman understood why she felt that way. Anna showed up.

Anna and Eric said that Tony and Nicole weren’t the same people they were before the fire. Anna said she was moving on. She thought Eric should too. Eric left. She showed Roman the gift she got for John and Marlena. She said she bought a diamond ring. He thought she was going too far. She tried to put the ring on, but it got stuck. He helped her take it off. He said he didn’t want to go to the altar.

Sarah talked to Chloe about her relationship issues with Eric and Rex. Sarah was afraid that she couldn’t compare to what he had with Nicole. Sarah said she married Rex when she couldn’t have Eric. She said she was afraid Eric was with her because he couldn’t have Nicole.

Brady questioned whether or not Kristen was alive to Kristen. He thought she knew if Kristen is alive. She said she didn’t know. He told her that Will and Sonny found out that Kristen was paying off Xander. She said it was possible that Kristen was still alive. She said she wanted to tell him something. Tony walked in before she could tell him. Brady had to leave for John and Marlena’s anniversary party.

Kristen said John and Marlena’s love was ancient history. She thought the surprise was ridiculous. Tony thought it was nice. Kristen wanted Tony to go with her. Brady left. Tony went to check his emails. Eric showed up. He told her that she was his life. He said his life was over when he lost her. She told him that she didn’t care. Her husband was home and her boyfriend just left. Eric thanked her. He said she gave him what he came for. When Eric left, she told Tony that she finally got rid of Eric. He told her that it was time for a divorce since she was close to getting what she wanted. She said no because she needed more time. She told him about her fight with Gabi and Stefan. Tony was upset. He said it was over. He said it was for nothing. She pulled out her gun and said she would kill them.

Brady talked to Chloe about the party. She told him that she had an interview for an opera company in New York. They also talked about Eric’s reaction to him being with Nicole. They talked about the party again. Susan was the only one who didn’t respond. Brady was glad.

Eric and Sarah met at his place. She said she was sorry for walking out on him. She said loved him and was okay if he wasn’t over Nicole. He apologized. He said he was over Nicole. He said he was upset over his history with Brady. He told her what happened with Nicole. He said it made him realize it was over.

Days of Our Lives 8-21-19 Recap 21st August 2019.


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