Days of Our Lives 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019


Days of Our Lives 8-23-19

Days of Our Lives 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-23-19 John and Marlena made their speeches at the party. While Marlena was talking, Hope told John about Kristen. John and Hope suspected that Kristen could have been at the party. John thought about who Kristen could have been. He thought about what people said about Nicole.

Days of Our Lives 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019

Days of Our Lives 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019
Days of Our Lives 8-23-19

When Kristen and Brady were about to leave the party, John stopped them. Brady wanted to know what was going on. John said she was behind Ted and Kate’s kidnapping. Brady said Nicole wouldn’t do that. John said Nicole wouldn’t. He took the mask off of Kristen. Everyone was shocked. Kristen tried to run away, but Eli and Lani stopped her.

John and Hope told Kristen Xander told the police about her. Kate confessed that Kristen was the one responsible for her kidnapping. Brady asked if Kate knew that Nicole was Kristen. Kate said she didn’t. John continued to confront Kristen about what she was doing. He told her how he figured out what was going on.

Brady asked if Kristen did her stunt for him. She said she did. Anna confronted Tony about being with Nicole. Anna asked if Nicole wanted DiMera. Anna wanted to know why he helped her. He said it was complicated.

Kristen told Brady that she pretended to be the woman he loved before she left him for his brother. He mentioned the Phoenix tattoo. She said she hated having it removed, but she was still the Phoenix. He was upset with her for ruining Nicole’s memory. He said she did that for a man. She said he was the man. She said she was going to have a hard time getting him as Nicole. Eric interrupted and asked if it was because of him.

Kristen told Eric that he was a thorn in her side. She said he was Nicole’s true love. Sarah told him not to listen to her. Kristen told him that she had to come up with a plan to get rid of him. Marlena said she blamed Eric for Holly’s death. Kristen said it was his fault. She recapped what she did to make her plan work.

Hope asked Kristen if she orchestrated Holly’s death. Kristen said she wasn’t commissioner anymore. Eli said he was and would listen to Hope. Eric asked Kristen why she killed Holly. Brady said she wouldn’t kill a child because she always wanted one. Kristen thanked him for believing that. Kristen said Eric was responsible for Holly’s death the same way he was responsible for Daniel’s death. Eric went after her. She fell to the floor. She pulled out her gun and put it on Marlena.

Kristen threatened to kill Marlena. John told Kristen to let her go. Kristen said she wouldn’t. She said she would kill her. Hope asked if Kristen was the one who dropped the money. Kate accused her of killing Ted. Will asked what happened to Susan. Kristen said she wouldn’t have to worry about Susan.

Kristen said she waited her adult life to get Marlena. John wanted Kristen to take him instead. Marlena told him not to do that. John asked Kristen to take him again. Kristen said she wasn’t going to do it. Brady asked her to let Marlena go and take him instead.

Brady told Kristen that he could give her him. Kristen didn’t believe him. She said he said terrible things to her and would suddenly be willing to be with her. He said he left Eve for her. Kristen said he didn’t trust her. She said she was going to tell him the truth tonight. She said she thought they were going to be together. She said Eli wouldn’t let that happen. He said to take him instead of Marlena. She said he would double cross her again. When she and Marlena were about to leave, Susan hit her in the head.

Eli and Lani took Kristen to jail. Marlena, John and Brady thanked Susan for saving her. Susan said they didn’t owe her anything. John wanted to talk to Brady. John apologized for what he went through. Brady said he was a sucker. John appreciated sacrificing himself for Marlena. Brady said he was going to make her pay.

Anna wanted Tony to explain what was going on. Eli and Lani took Kristen to the police station. She told them that she wanted a lawyer. Eli said he would see what he would do about getting her a lawyer.

Susan told Will, Sonny, John and Marlena what happened when she was alone with Kristen. Susan said Kristen revealed herself as Kristen. She said Kristen tied her up. She used her teeth to get out of the ropes. Marlena appreciated what Susan did.

Anna couldn’t believe Tony knew that Kristen was Nicole the whole time. She wondered how he could go through it. He said Kristen is his sister. He said his father taught them to be loyal to each other. Anna said Kristen killed people. He said she wasn’t the only one.

Brady went to the police station. He told Lani and Eli that he wanted to talk to Kristen. Lani didn’t think it was a good idea. Eli said nothing she said to him would be admissible in court. Brady asked what if he could her to cooperate. Eli thought he could do it. Eli told him to be careful. Brady went to see Kristen. He wanted her to admit that she killed Ted, Nicole and Holly. Kristen said she didn’t kill anyone.

Days of Our Lives 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019.


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