Days of Our Lives 8-7-17 Recap 7th August 2017


Days of Our Lives 8-7-17

Days of Our Lives 8-7-17 Recap 7th August 2017

Days of Our Lives 8-7-17, Chad talked to Abby about protecting him. He told her about the picture she had. He told her that he knew why she married Dario. He apologized for the way he talked to her before the accident. He asked if she could forgive him.

Tripp told Steve to stay away from him or he would kill Kayla. Steve tried to stop him from hurting her. Tripp said he was doing it until she admitted to killing his mother. Joey called Jade and asked if Tripp thought Kayla killed Ava.

Dr. Shah told Jennifer that Abby was awake. Chad apologized again for the way he treated Abby. She told him she forgave him. He wanted to tell her something, but Jennifer and JJ came in the room. Dr. Shah wanted to examine Abby. Chad left the room. Gabi asked Chad if Abby was awake. He told her about Abby. Gabi asked if he was with Abby when she woke up. He said he was. She wanted to talk.

Days of Our Lives 8-7-17 Recap 7th August 2017

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Days of Our Lives 8-7-17 Recap 7th August 2017
Days of Our Lives 8-7-17

Steve wanted to talk to Tripp so he wouldn’t hurt Kayla. Tripp wanted Kayla to admit what she did. Steve said he killed Ava. Tripp said he was lying. Kayla admitted to killing Ava.

Brady confronted Victor about hiring Xander to kill Deimos. Brady asked if he was going to deny it. Victor said that he did hire Xander. Paul told Sonny that Victor had Deimos.

Sonny couldn’t believe that Victor would let him take the fall for killing Deimos. Sonny wanted to hear it from Victor. Victor told Brady he hired Xander to kill Deimos, but that wasn’t what happened. Victor said things don’t always work out.

Gabi told Chad that Andre told her about the picture. She asked if Chad was going to the police. He said he was because he didn’t want Sonny to go to prison for what he did. She asked if he still loved Abby. Kayla told Tripp that she killed Ava. She was willing to go to the police. While Steve and Kayla were trying to keep Tripp from hurting her, Joey walked in the room. Joey admitted to killing Ava.

Joey told Tripp that he killed Ava. Joey told him how he killed her. Joey apologized for killing her. Steve and Kayla kept telling him to stop, but Joey kept talking. Joey told him to kill him and not Kayla.

Gabi told Chad that she overheard him talking to Abby. She thought it was good that she saw it. She knew he loved Abby and never stopped. She said she never had him. He apologized to her. She thought it was okay and knew what she had to do. She had to let him go.

Sonny told Paul that he wanted him to let Victor to come to him. Paul was upset that Sonny wanted to protect Victor. Victor told Brady what happened with Xander. Victor flashed back to Xander demanding more money and a job before he killed Deimos. Victor told him that the deal was off. Victor told Brady that Xander tried to escape his men, but they caught him. Victor told Brady that he thought Sonny was guilty.

Gabi told Chad that she wanted things to work out. He said he did too. She knew he wasn’t in love with her. Kayla and Steve tried to stop Joey from confessing to killing Ava. Tripp pushed Kayla on the floor. Tripp put the scalpel to Joey.

Steve tried to stop Tripp from hurting Joey. Tripp wanted to think. Steve said finding him was one of the best days of his life. He apologized for not telling him the truth. He said they were family. Tripp let Joey go. Steve and Kayla hugged Joey.

Gabi told Chad to be with Abby because she needed him. Chad walked away. Brady didn’t believe that Sonny killed Deimos. Brady wanted to know what Victor was going to do. Victor said he was going to frame somebody and he was going to help. Gabi told JJ that she had to let Chad go. Chad went to see Abby. He thanked her for saving his life. He told her that she was everything. He told her that he should have fought for her. He apologized for letting her go. He told her he loved her. She told him she loved him.

Next on Days “Marlena” breaks up with John; Anjelica lures Adrienne into a trap; Brady’s jealousy threatens to push him over the edge; Nicole makes a risky move to be near Holly.

Days of Our Lives 8-7-17 Recap 7th August 2017