Days of Our Lives 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019


Days of Our Lives 9-6-19

Days of Our Lives 9-10-19 Recap 9th September 2019

Days of Our Lives 9-10-19, Doug wanted Haley to tell him what was going on with Julie. Eli called his mother to find out what could be done for Julie. He found out that someone was going to have to offer to give her their heart since she was a risk for a transplant. When he got off the phone, he told Hope that they were going to have to tell Doug something. 


Stefan told Gabi that Vivian killed Kate. Gabi couldn’t believe it. Stefan said he called Kate and didn’t get an answer. He said Vivian left the room. He also said he gave her the gun. Gabi was shocked that he gave Vivian a gun.

Days of Our Lives 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019

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Days of Our Lives 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019
Days of Our Lives 9-10-19

Jennifer told Kayla about what happened in Chicago. Jennifer said Rolf needed a lab to do his experiment. Jennifer said Jack didn’t remember his children so he needed the serum. Kayla asked how long he needed the lab for in order to do it. Jennifer wasn’t sure. While they were talking, Kate came in the hospital. Kate asked them for help. 

Doug was upset that Hope and Eli didn’t tell him what was going on with Julie. Hope said Kayla told them. She said it wasn’t the right time to tell him. He said it was the right time. Eli got a call from the station. Doug asked Hope if it was bad. Hope said she was sorry. 

Jennifer told Eli that she was sorry about Julie. He said Doug was with Hope. Jennifer said it was a bad day. Jennifer told him that Kate was shot. He wanted to know what happened. He wanted to know who would kill Kate. Jennifer said it was a long list. He thought Stefan would do it. Jennifer said Vivian could have done it. Eli said Vivian was dead. Jennifer said Vivian was alive.

Gabi was upset that Kate was dead. She said they wanted her job, but didn’t want her dead. Stefan said he couldn’t control his mother. Gabi said Kate’s blood would be on her hands. She said she was calling the police. 

JJ told Jack that he was concerned about Rolf. JJ said that he was worried about someone who works for Stefano and Kristen. Jack was willing to give him a chance. JJ was still concerned about it. Jack said he had time to deal with it. He had to rely on Rolf no matter what he wanted.

Stefan stopped Gabi from calling the police. She asked if he wanted to act like nothing happened while Vivian was living upstairs. She said if they didn’t call the police, they would be accessories. She wanted to call the police. He threatened her if she called the police. She thought he was going to divorce her. He said he wasn’t saying that. She asked if he had more loyalty to Vivian than his wife. He kept trying to convince her that they should be quiet.

Doug couldn’t understand why Julie wasn’t eligible for a heart transplant. Hope said it was her age. He said Julie was healthy before this. He said there had to be other options. When she wouldn’t answer him, he said it was unacceptable. Hope said she wasn’t giving up. She said she loved Julie so much. He said he knew she did. He said Julie was going to die without a new heart. 

Rolf told JJ and Jack that without his diary, he would have to start anew with the serum to give Jack his memory back. He said one false move could ruin things for Jack. Rolf said they were going to have to stop pressuring him. Jack was willing to do things his own way. 

Jennifer told Eli that Kate was shot the day after Vivian came to town. Jennifer said she was putting that in the article. Eli said Kate said she shot Vivian accidentally. Jennifer said Vivian didn’t know that. Eli said he was going to the DiMera mansion.  

Eli wern to the DiMera mansion. Gabi thought he was there because of Lani. He didn’t know what she was talking about. He said he was there because Kate DiMera was shot. 

Doug had flashbacks of Julie. She woke up. She asked if the doctor said she could go home. Jennifer told Hope that Kate was shot. JJ, Jack and Rolf were at the hospital. JJ said Rolf was ready to use the lab. Rolf went over to Hope. He said it was nice to see her again.

Gabi pretended to be shocked that Kate was shot. Eli said she took herself to the hospital. Stefan asked if Kate was alive. Stefan thanked him for stopping by. Eli asked if he shot Kate. He said he didn’t. Eli asked if Vivian shot her.

Days of Our Lives 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019.


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