Days of Our Lives 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019


Days of Our Lives 9-11-19

Days of Our Lives 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019

Days of Our Lives 9-11-19,Nicole wanted to apologize to Brady. He wanted to know why. She said Kristen took advantage of her so she could get to him. She said she was sorry for letting it happen. Brady said there was nothing to forgive. Eric wanted Brady to forgive him for accusing him of trying to be with Nicole. Brady understood. When Eric and Brady blamed each other, Nicole told them not to. She said it was Kristen’s fault.

Marlena wanted to know if Brady was alright. He said he wanted to see her and John, but was shocked to see Nicole. He said it was a shock to see the real Nicole. Marlena asked about the fake Nicole. She wondered what would happen if Kristen got out of jail and went to him.

Days of Our Lives 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019

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Days of Our Lives 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019
Days of Our Lives 9-11-19
Stefan told Eli that Vivian didn’t shoot Kate. Stefan said Vivian was resting. Eli said if he was lying, he was an accessory. Stefan said Vivian was upstairs. Eli wanted to speak to her. Stefan said he needed a warrant. Eli noticed that Gabi was being quiet.

Vivian went to the Kiriakis mansion. Will and Sonny were shocked to see her alive. She apologized to them for sending Leo Stark after them. Sonny was furious about it. Vivian said she wanted to make amends for what she did. She asked where Kate was. Sarah came in and told them that Kate was in the hospital. Will and Sonny went to the hospital. When Vivian was about to leave, Sarah stopped her.

Kristen told John that her connection to Brady was powerful. She said she felt it when they made love. John said he thought she was Nicole. Kristen said Brady said that, but he didn’t mean it. She said they would be together. She said she would be calling John daddy. Nicole came in and went after Kristen.

Gabi told Eli that she didn’t know anything about Kate’s shooting. Eli asked if she was sure about that. She said she would tell him if she did. She said Kate is her friend. Stefan said Vivian wasn’t going anywhere. Eli said he would be back. When Eli left, Gabi asked Stefan if he had an alibi. She said the police were all over the case. She said she was protecting him.

Sarah told Vivian that she recognized her because she buried her mother alive. Vivian asked which one. Sarah said there was more than one. Vivian realized that she was Maggie’s daughter. Vivian said she was killed and brought back to life. Sarah realized that she was with Nicole and Holly. Vivian said she was. Sarah said Eric was reunited with them. Vivian noticed that she wasn’t happy about it.

Nicole yelled at Kristen for using her. Nicole said she used her daughter. She told Kristen that she was going to rot in prison for what she did. Kristen said that she wasn’t. She said she got a deal for telling where Nicole and Holly were.

Nicole told Kristen that she knew about the deal. Kristen thought Nicole should be thanking her. Nicole said she was trying to portray herself as the victim. She said the world was going to find out what she did to her. Kristen reminded her that she saved her life. Eric said she caused people pain. Kristen said she did what she did to get back the love of her life. Nicole said she used Brady. Kristen said Nicole went along with the plan. Kristen said she pushed Eric away, but she didn’t make him fall in love with another woman.

Vivian wanted to know if Sarah and Eric were involved. Sarah said they were together, but it was over. She said he was with Nicole now. Vivian said she was wrong about her. She thought Sarah was tough. She told Sarah that Nicole was feisty. Vivian wanted to know why Sarah was giving up so easily.

Stefan told Gabi that Vivian was gone. Gabi thought she might have been killing someone else. He was concerned about Vivian. He said the gun was there, but didn’t know where she could be. Brady told Marlena that he didn’t have feelings for Kristen. Marlena was worried that he did.

Will told Sonny that he wanted answers about what happened to Kate. Sonny told him that he thought Vivian was responsible. Sarah told Vivian that she wasn’t a wimp. She said she didn’t fight for Eric because he was in love with Nicole. She said she and Eric wouldn’t have gotten together if he knew Nicole was alive. Vivian told her to fight for Eric. Stefan called Vivian and told her to come home.

Will and Sonny talked about Vivian using them. Will said Vivian wouldn’t get away with shooting Kate. Vivian went to the DiMera mansion. Stefan wanted to know where she was. Vivian said she was covering her tracks. He said the police were looking for her. He said she was the number one suspect. Vivian said she couldn’t point the finger at her. Gabi said Kate would say she was the killer. When Gabi left, Stefan said Gabi was right. Vivian said they had to make sure that Kate wouldn’t say anything.

Days of Our Lives 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019.


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