Days of Our Lives 9-15-17 Recap 15th September 2017


Days of Our Lives 9-15-17

Days of Our Lives 9-15-17 Recap 15th September 2017

Days of Our Lives 9-15-17, Marlena told John that she knew who Hattie’s partner was. Bonnie begged Hattie not to sell her out. Justin walked in and wanted to know what was going on. Hattie told Justin that she was working with Anjelica. He wanted to know why. She said that Anjelica found out that she looked like Marlena. He wanted to know why Anjelica would want to hurt Marlena.

When Lucas showed up at the DiMera mansion to sign papers, he saw alcohol. He decided to take a drink. Kate busted him drinking. He wanted to sign the papers. She told him that he didn’t have to sign them. She told him he was fired.

Abe was surprised that Eli got fired. Eli said his boss didn’t like the way he handled the case. Abe said Raines wouldn’t have been caught if it weren’t for Eli. Abe asked if his plan got him fired. Eli said risking a civillian’s life was why he got fired.

Marlena told John that Eric went to Hattie’s room looking for her. She said that Eric found Hattie with Adrienne. John wondered how Hattie explained that. Marlena said Hattie was giving Adrienne therapy. He didn’t believe it. He asked if Hattie was working with Adrienne.

Hattie told Justin why Anjelica wanted to work with her. Justin didn’t understand why Anjelica would do that. Bonnie said to get back at her. Justin was glad Bonnie was okay.

Lucas tried to talk Kate out of firing him. She told him that he needed help. She asked him how he thought Will would feel if he saw him drinking. Lucas was upset that she brought up Will. Lucas wanted to get a drink. She tried to stop him.

Marlena and John wondered why Hattie would work with Adrienne. Justin wondered why Anjelica would work with Hattie. He asked Hattie how Anjelica ended up dead in Adrienne’s room. Bonnie panicked.

Abe wondered why Eli was fired. Eli said he didn’t follow the rules. He said that he made it easy for his boss to fire him. Abe offered him a job on the force. Eli was willing to take it. Abe said he had to find a commissioner.

Lucas wanted to spend time with Arianna, but Gabi didn’t want him to. He wanted to know why. She said he was drunk. She also told him that Sonny was getting married and wouldn’t want him near Arianna. Lucas said they wouldn’t stop him from seeing his granddaughter.

Marlena and John tried to figure out why Adrienne would work with Hattie. Marlena had a theory about what was going on with Adrienne. Hattie told Justin that she didn’t know how Anjelica died. He thought that was enough. Bonnie wanted to talk to her. When Justin left, Bonnie thanked Hattie. Hattie said she needed a favor.

While Chad, Abby, Sonny, and Paul were planning the wedding at the church, Lucas showed up. Lucas told Sonny that he and Gabi weren’t going to keep him from Arianna. Abby told Lucas to leave. Lucas said he didn’t want to go. He said Gabi called him a drunk. Sonny told him that he wasn’t going anywhere near his daughter. Lucas said Arianna wasn’t his daughter. Lucas called him a traitor and blamed Paul for ruining Will’s marriage.

Days of Our Lives 9-15-17 Recap 15th September 2017

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Days of Our Lives 9-15-17 Recap 15th September 2017
Days of Our Lives 9-15-17

Bonnie asked Justin if he would represent Hattie. He agreed to do it. He wanted to talk to Hattie. Bonnie was glad she dodged that bullet.

Kate ran into Bonnie and ripped into her for dumping Lucas. Kate reminded her what she did to Lucas when she couldn’t decide between Lucas and Justin. Bonnie told her that she was going through a rough time. Kate told her that Lucas was drinking. They blamed each other for why Lucas was hurting.

Abby told Lucas to go to a meeting. He didn’t want to go to a meeting. He didn’t think the meeting would help. He told them that their marriages were going to fair.

Sonny took Lucas’ keys to stop him from driving. Abby suggested taking the bottle. Lucas decided to stay so he could pray. Lucas had another bottle of alcohol.

Justin told Hattie that he would represent her. Hattie asked what changed his mind. He said Adrienne did. Bonnie ran into John and Marlena. Marlena wanted to talk to her about Hattie. Bonnie said she could tell her everything. Lucas talked to God and said he took everything from him. Will called out to Lucas. Lucas was shocked to see him.

Days of Our Lives 9-15-17 Recap 15th September 2017