Days of our Lives Spoilers July 8 – July 12 , 2019 | Dool 2019


Days of our Lives Spoilers June 3

Days of our Lives Spoilers July 8 – July 12 , 2019 | Dool 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of July 8 – July 12 , 2019.

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Days of our Lives Spoilers July 8 , Monday

  • Nicole is shocked at what she finds in the tunnel. Will she see Kate and Ted alive?
    Hope asks Xander about Ted being missing. Hope is suspicious that Ted hasn’t gotten in touch with her. Will she be able to get the truth out of Xander?
  • Rex decides to make a confession to Sarah. Did he end up cheating on her again? If he did, who was he with?
  • Brady tells Chloe that Gabi has been plotting against Stefan. Will this change Chloe’s mind about Stefan?

Days of our Lives Spoilers July 9 , Tuesday

  • Marlena and Ciara ripped into Eve for using Claire. Will Eve apologize to them for what she did?
  • Claire leaves town.
  • Shawn and Belle are there for each other because of Claire.
  • Tripp reunites with Haley. He lets her know what was going on with Claire.

Days of our Lives Spoilers July 10, Wednesday

  • Ted confesses to Kate. Will he tell her that he was working with Xander?
  • Kristen talks to Xander about lying to her. What will she do to him for lying to her?
  • Hope and Eli start to figure things out. Will they discover what happened to Ted?
    Ben and Ciara try to get through what happened with Claire?

Days of our Lives Spoiler July 11, Thursday

  • Nicole/Kristen goes after Stefan. Why does she go after him?
  • Hope yells at Eve for not saying anything about Claire.
  • Sarah sees Maggie at a bad time. Will Sarah catch Maggie drinking?
  • Xander changes his mind about killing Ted and Kate. What makes Ted decide not to kill them?

DOOL Spoiler April July 12, Friday

  • Hope follows Xander to the secret room. Will Hope see Ted and Kate in the room?
  • Kristen reveals her identity to Ted and Kate.
  • Julie catches Gabi and Stefan together. How will Julie react when she sees them?


Days of our Lives Spoilers July 8 – July 12 , 2019 | Dool 2019.


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