Emmerdale 12th June 2017 Full Episode


Emmerdale 12th June 2017
Emmerdale 12th June 2017

Emmerdale 12th June 2017 Full Episode

Priya gets an invitation. Lachlan is feeling nervous. Finn and Ross hatch a plan. With Fiona Wade (Priya Kotecha), Thomas Atkinson (Lachlan White), Michael Parr (Ross Barton) and Joe Gill (Finn Barton).

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Emmerdale 12th June 17 Full Episode

Emmerdale (known as Emmerdale Farm until 1989) is a long-running British soap opera set in Emmerdale (known as Beckindale until 1994), a fictional village in the Yorkshire Dales. Created by Kevin Laffan, Emmerdale Farm was first broadcast on 16 October 1972. Produced by ITV Yorkshire, it has been filmed at their Leeds studio since its inception. The programme has been broadcast in every ITV region.

Episodes air on ITV weekday evenings at 19:00, with a second Thursday episode at 20:00. The programme began broadcasting in high definition on 10 October 2011. Emmerdale is the United Kingdom’s second-longest-running television soap opera (after ITV’s Coronation Street), and attracts an average of five to seven million viewers per episode.

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Rakesh takes a stand. Doug becomes secretive. Lachlan is conflicted. With Pasha Bocarie (Rakesh Kotecha), Duncan Preston (Doug Potts) and Thomas Atkinson (Lachlan White).

Emmerdale 12th June 2017 Full Episode.