Emmerdale Spoilers March 28 – April 1st , 2016


Emmerdale Spoilers March 28

Emmerdale Spoilers March 28 – April 1st , 2016

Check out the day to day spoilers below to find out what’s happening on ITV soap opera Emmerdale during the week of March 28 to April 1, 2016.

Emmerdale Spoilers March 28,Monday

7461 – Holly promises Dean his money and heads to the pub to carry out the plan she has hatched with Charity. She is prevented from going through with the scheme when the fire alarm is set off, leading to a confrontation with Moira in the cellar. Ashley makes a decision about his future, David worries about his father’s health, and Marlon tries to come to terms with losing Leo

Emmerdale Spoilers March 29, Tuesday

7462 – David persuades Pollard to see a doctor about his symptoms by agreeing to go for a check-up himself. However, while Pollard turns out to only have a minor infection, David may have a more serious condition, which he keeps from his father. Holly is put to work to pay her debts, Harriet worries about Ashley’s decision, and Megan promises to sort out an arrangement for Victoria’s street food business.

Emmerdale March 30 Wednesday

7463 – Rishi is given a tour of the Dingle household, but Belle tries to put him off buying it, leaving Lisa furious. Cain catches Holly stealing from a customer, while Moira turns to Charity as she comes up with a plan to get Dean out of their lives once and for all. David confides in Leyla about his cancer fears, and Harriet considers becoming Emmerdale’s new vicar.

Emmerdale March 31 Thursday

7464 – Cain is suspicious of Moira involving Charity and Ross in their plans, and takes Holly to meet Dean on a secluded road, having come up with a way to get the drug dealer out of their lives. Belle is offered a promotion and is clearly smitten when Dr Bailey treats an injury to her hand. Victoria tries to set Tracy up with Andy during her birthday party.

7465 – Dean gets away from his confrontation with Cain, who tells Holly to leave town and never come back. However, she retaliates by threatening to tell Moira what she knows. Chas has an unexpected proposition for Aaron and Liv, who has been causing trouble at home and in the shop. Andy fears he may have blown his chance with Chrissie when a drunken Tracy throws herself at him.

Emmerdale Spoiler April 1, Friday

7466 – Liv moves in with Aaron, but spies on him and Robert, hoping to provide Gordon with information that will damage the prosecution’s case. Kerry plans an April Fools prank on Dan which appears to backfire. Andy and Chrissie’s relationship is discovered by Bernice, Holly resolves to give up drugs for good, and Belle tells Priya she is seeing an older man.

Emmerdale Spoilers March 28 – April 1st , 2016



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