General Hospital 1-10-17 Recap 10th January 2017


General Hospital 1-10-17
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General Hospital 1-10-17 Recap

General Hospital 1-10-17 Recap 10th January 2017

General Hospital 1-10-17 Recap, Sam wanted Ava to help with Morgan’s death. Ava thought about how she switched Morgan’s pills. Sam told Ava that Sonny wasn’t responsible for Morgan’s death. She thought Julian and Ava were responsible.

Alexis told Julian about Tom’s murder. Julian said she didn’t kill him, but she had memories of it. She said she can think of bits and pieces of what happened. She said the police thought it was Franco that killed him. Julian said that since she couldn’t remember what happened, Franco could have still killed him.

Carly tried to play matchmaker with Nelle and Michael, but Nelle told her that she was involved with someone. Nelle said that the guy she was with was involved with someone. Carly still wanted her to be with Michael.

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General Hospital 1-10 -17 Recap 10th January 2017

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General Hospital 1-10-17 Recap 10th January 2017

Diane talked to Sonny about the trial. She thought it would help him if the mother of the victim was on his side. He believed that Carly would be by his side. Bobby overheard Nelle making arrangements on the phone. When Nelle got off the phone, she questioned Bobbie about why she was suspicious of her. Nelle wanted to talk about it. Bobbie was more than willing to talk to her about it.

Carly went to see Sonny. He told her about Diane’s plan for his trial. He told her what Diane wanted him to say for why he confessed at the funeral. Carly thought it was a good plan and she would testify that Morgan’s illness played a part in his death. She said that she was going to see Joss and that she would be back in time for the trial. She told him to get help from Nelle. He said Nelle should get a life. Carly told him that Nelle is seeing a married man.

Nelle confronted Bobbie about why she doesn’t like her. They ended up in an argument. Nelle reminded Bobbie that she was too young to consent to giving her family a kidney and that Carly asked her to stay to help. Bobbie wasn’t fazed by her comments. Nelle said she earned her way. Nelle threw up in Bobbie’s face that she was a hooker. Bobbie thought the real Nelle was out and they could really talk.

Jason and Curtis were caught in a fire when the snuck into the pawnshop. They managed to escape out of there without getting caught. The evidence they found wasn’t enough to tell the police. Jason didn’t want to involve the police, but Curtis wanted to. Ava said she didn’t have anything to do with Morgan’s death. Sam accused Ava of being the boss and working with Rudge. Sam thought Ava wanted to kill Morgan. Ava laughed at Sam’s theory.

Franco went to see Alexis to get her help. He wanted her to tell the police that he wasn’t with Tom, but Alexis said she wasn’t. He showed her the proof that she was with him. He said that the police has been all over him about it. He said he was relieved that he saw a picture of Tom with Alexis. Franco hoped that she would come forward if he asked her. She said she never met Tom, but Franco didn’t believe her. She threw him out of her house.

Ava thought it was funny that Sam thought she tried to kill Sonny and Julian. Sam didn’t find it funny. When Sam left, she wondered what Julian was into. Curtis wanted to go to the police, but Jason still wasn’t convinced they should. Jason thought the police could be on their payroll. Jason wanted to find out who Rudge was working for.

Bobbie didn’t appreciate Nelle bringing up her past. Bobbie said she wasn’t ashamed of her past. Bobbie realized she was right about Nelle all along. Bobbie wondered what she was up to. Nelle said she was only concerned about her job. Bobbie knew it wasn’t the job she had for Carly. Bobbie said she had her number and was on to her. When Bobbie left, Sonny called Nelle so she could come over and talk. Nelle went to see Sonny. He told her that they needed to come to a new understanding.

Curtis thought the boss was on to them and that they shouldn’t go at it alone. Jason wanted to talk about the police, but Curtis didn’t want to make any promises. Sam went to see Jason just as Curtis left. Jason told Sam that he was in a fire. He asked if she found anything on Ava. She said she got nothing and told him that Julian moved out. She said that Ava wasn’t the boss, but she knew something. She thought that Ava knew about Morgan’s death. Ava called Julian and told him that he was going down.

Alexis was worried that she was going to be in trouble, but Julian was convinced that she didn’t kill Tom. He told her not to give up on herself, but she wasn’t sure. He told her that she would have to be sober in order to get herself off.
Next on GH Sonny confronts Nelle; Kiki agrees to keep Franco’s secret; Maxie and Nathan set out to find Claudette.
General Hospital 1-10-17 Recap 10th January 2017.