General Hospital 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017


General Hospital 1-11-17
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General Hospital 1-11-17 Recap

General Hospital 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017

General Hospital 1-11-17 Recap, Julian asked Alexis about the night Tom died. She didn’t want to talk about it. She said she was worried about her future. She blamed him for why she was in the mess that she is in. She said she was upset about the situation, but he thought she was upset because she couldn’t get a drink.

Jason showed Sam a picture of a kid that he found in the pawnshop. Neither one of them knew who the kid was, but she thought he looked familiar. Sonny asked Nelle if she told what happened between them. He asked her why she told Carly that she was dating a married man. Nelle said that she told her that she was seeing a man that was unavailable. He wondered why she said anything. She said Carly was playing matchmaker so she lied to her. He said that she made Carly curious. Nelle said she would tell Carly the truth about making up the married man. Nelle wanted to know what he wanted her to do.

Alexis wanted her nightmare to end so she had to keep a clear head. Julian thought she was going through withdrawals. She wanted him to talk about the night so it could help her memory. He reminded her that Franco had a picture of her at the bar. He wanted to know if anyone else would remember her. She said no. She told him about talking to the bartender.

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General Hospital 1-11 -17 Recap 11th January 2017

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General Hospital 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017

Sam realized that Julian was the one in the picture. Jason said that Julian would be connected to Rudge and the boss if Julian was the one in the picture. Jason said the boss had a connection to Julian. Sam told him how Ava reacted when she confronted her. Jason wanted to see Sonny and tell him what they found out so far.

Valentin and Nina told Charlotte that they were married. Charlotte wondered if Nina was going to be living with them. Nina said she would be there for her if she needed her. Charlotte was excited about the idea of Nina being with her all of the time.

Julian asked Alexis if the bartender remembered seeing her when she left. She told him that the bartender didn’t sell out his customers. She told him how the bartender saw her leave with Tom. Julian continued to ask her about who saw her. She imagined Tom being in the room with them.

Sonny didn’t want Nelle to tell anyone that they slept together. She understood and thought she was protecting him when she said she was with someone else. He said he didn’t need her protection. She said she didn’t know that Carly would assume that her boyfriend was married. Nelle said it wasn’t her fault. He said it never is. Jason and Sam showed up to see Sonny. Nelle ended up leaving so they could talk.

Sonny asked if Jason and Sam found out who planted the bomb. Jason told Sonny what happened at the shop. Jason said he was close to finding out who planted the bomb. Sonny wanted to know who the guy was. Jason said it was a woman. Sonny asked if they knew who the woman was. Jason didn’t know, but he thought she was tied to Julian.

Alexis hallucinated that Tom was taunting her to drink. Franco told Kiki that Tom was killed and that the police think he did it. She asked if he had an alibi. He said that it would make him look guilty. She asked if he could clear his name. He said he knew who killed him. He told her that he couldn’t go to the police about it. She said he could clear his name if he turned the person in to the police. He thought that Tom was a bad person so the killer didn’t deserve to go to prison. He said he did something to the killer’s relative so he couldn’t turn her in. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t turn the killer in even if he lost Liz.

Julian told Alexis he would help her through this. Tom told Alexis that she had to admit to murdering him. She said she didn’t kill him. Julian told her that no one was there. She had a bloody knife in her hand. Julian noticed her pretending to hold a knife. Julian tried to calm her down, but she was still hallucinating with the knife in her hand. When she came out of her hallucination, she wasn’t holding the knife.

While Nathan and Maxie were at a cabin, an inspector told them that the police found a body that matched the prints that they gave him. The body turned out to be Claudette’s. The inspector said that Claudette was dead. Nathan couldn’t believe that Claudette killed herself. The inspector called Valentin and told him that he did what he wanted. Valentin asked if they believed it. The inspector said they did.

Kiki wondered if Liz thought that Franco killed Tom. He said that he has done enough to make it hard for Liz to believe him. He told Kiki that they were on a break. He thought he was going to remain a prime suspect. She asked if she was supposed to watch him go to prison. He was hopeful that the police wouldn’t have enough evidence to convict him. He didn’t want her to say anything. She agreed not to say anything. She told him that he had a good chance with Liz. She wanted to know if he was going to tell the police who killed Tom. He said he couldn’t go to prison.

When Sam went to the bathroom, Jason asked Sonny about him and Nelle. He wondered if everything was okay. Sonny said that everything was fine, but Jason didn’t believe it. Jason wanted him to tell if there was something going on. Sonny told Jason that he didn’t think Nelle was that innocent.

Alexis told Julian that he wasn’t going to take care of her. She said that he was going to send her to prison. She said she needed a drink. He said he was going to help her get through this. She said she needed help.

General Hospital 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017.