General Hospital 10-11-19 Recap 11th October 2019

General Hospital 10-11-19
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General Hospital 10-11-19 Recap 11th October 2019

General Hospital 10-11-19, Alexis went to see Sonny. They talked about Julian staying in Port Charles. Sonny wanted Olivia to sue Julian for backing out of the deal of selling the pub. Alexis said Julian was still on the straight and narrow.

General Hospital 10-11-19 Recap 11th October 2019

General Hospital 10-11-19

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Nina and Jax went to Wyndemere. She wanted to get her things. She told Valentin that it was none of his business where she was going. He told her that wasn’t true. He tried to make excuses, but she didn’t believe him.

Valentin told Nina that looking for her daughter was what made this happen. He said Sasha did this on her own. Obrecht showed up. Jax was told to leave. Valentin said leaving wouldn’t solve the problem. Nina said they were done. When she packed her bags, he begged her not to leave. Nina left.

At Crimson Lucy asked Sasha if she would be the new face of Deception. Sasha turned it down. Sasha said she didn’t have a connection to Nina or Crimson anymore. Lucy said this situation could be worth a lot of money. Sasha didn’t want capitalize on what she did. Lucy said punishing herself wouldn’t help.

Nina showed up and wanted to call security. Lucy defended Sasha. Nina yelled at Lucy. Sasha said she did everything on her own. Sasha said she did it for the money. Nina didn’t believe her and threw them out.

Brad told Julian that he needed help with Nelle. Julian told him to fix his own problems. Brad told him that Sonny and Lucas would blame Julian for what happened. Julian choked Brad. Brad left.

Brad went to talk to Neil about what was going on. Neil said they had to figure out what was wrong with him. Brad was worried about his son being taken from him. Neil wanted to give him a prescription. Neil wanted to keep seeing him. Neil wanted him to bring Lucas next time.

General Hospital 10-11-19 Recap 11th October 2019.


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