General Hospital 11-11-16 Recap 11th November 2016


General Hospital 11-11-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-11-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-11-16 Recap 11th November 2016

General Hospital 11-11-16 Recap, Finn tried to help Hayden. She wasn’t breathing. Elizabeth was upset that Tom (the man who raped her) was getting out of prison. Jax offered Sonny his condolences. Jax noticed that Sonny had a gun on him. Jax wanted Sonny to give him the gun, but he wouldn’t do it. Sonny said he wouldn’t be a problem for his children anymore. Finn injected adrenaline in Hayden’s heart so he could save her. Elizabeth told Franco about Tom. Franco told her that he would protect her.

Kristina was upset with Carly for bringing Jax to the funeral. Jax wanted to know what Sonny was talking about, but he wouldn’t tell him. Jax told Alexis that Sonny brought a gun to Morgan’s funeral. Jason grilled Sonny’s hitman about the bomb in Julian’s car. He wanted to know why the hit wasn’t called off. Finn brought Hayden to the hospital.

Griffin told Lulu and Dante that Valentin is Charlotte’s father. Anna was determined to keep Valentin from Charlotte. Nelle gave Carly the earrings Morgan gave her instead of the note Sonny left for her. Curtis met with Julian to tell him that he had information about the hit on him. Sonny’s hitman said he canceled the bomb after he talked to Sonny. Jason wanted to know what happened, but he didn’t know.

The hitman said his guy wasn’t responsible for the bomb. He said someone else was trying to kill Julian. Curtis told Julian he got a name from Pete on the person who put the bomb in his car. The hitman didn’t know who was trying to kill Julian. Jason wanted proof that Sonny didn’t kill Morgan. Dylan talked Kiki into going to Morgan’s funeral.

Finn told Elizabeth that Hayden got in contact with something from his lab. Hayden went into shock. Finn was able to stabilize Hayden. Finn told Tracy that Hayden has the same illness that he has except it is worse. Kiki walked out of Morgan’s funeral when Michael mentioned Morgan being forgiving. Dylan went after her. She blamed herself for what happened to Morgan. Tracy suggested that Finn bring Hayden to her house so he could treat her.

Elizabeth thought it was a bad idea. Tracy and Finn convinced her that they should move Hayden. Jason showed up at the funeral and told Sam that he was on to something that was going to change everything. Curtis told Julian that someone named Oscar Jessup was on Pete’s phone. Julian didn’t know who that was. Franco found out that Tom is going to be staying with his brother Seth. Sonny spoke at Morgan’s funeral. He blamed himself for what happened to Morgan. He pulled his gun out at the funeral so Morgan could have peace.

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General Hospital 11-11-16 Recap 11th November 2016.