General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016


General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016

General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap , Sonny made a speech at Morgan’s funeral. He wanted to make things right with and pulled out his gun. Everyone at the church panicked because he had his gun out. Ava talked to Scott about possibly going to Morgan’s funeral. Scott reminded her that she swapped Morgan’s pills. She was afraid that Carly and Sonny would find out that he did it. Sonny ended up confessing that he was responsible for Morgan’s death. Jordan wanted to make sure that he was confessing to the crime. Jason tried to stop him from confessing. Sonny wanted Dante to arrest him at the funeral.

Valentin wanted Laura to stay with him at the mansion, but she refused to stay. He was okay with it, but he wanted the place for him and his daughter. Ava told Scott that Lucy knew what she did to Morgan, but she was going to keep quiet for now. Ava was worried that Lucy might show the bottle to Carly and Sonny. She was afraid that Sonny would come after her if he found out the truth.

Jordan didn’t want to arrest Sonny during his son’s funeral. She only wanted to question him. Michael asked Carly how she was feeling, and she didn’t care because Sonny made his choice. Kevin showed up at Wyndemere and saw Valentin there. Valentin informed Kevin that the mansion is his. He also said that he and Laura would always be connected because they are family. Carly wanted justice for Morgan, but didn’t realize Sonny would confess to what happened. Dante advised Sonny to get Diane, but he didn’t need her. Jason paid a police officer and snuck into the interrogation room. Jason told Sonny that he was making a mistake.

General Hospital 11-14-16 Full Episode 14th November 2016


General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016

Laura told Kevin that she was going to move in with Dante and Lu Lu. Kevin suggested that he move in with her. Valentin surprised Charlotte and Nina. Ava wanted Scott to get the pills from Lucy. Scott wanted to know what was in it for him to help her. She offered to give him whatever he wanted. Scott called Lucy to make a date with her. Scott assured her that he would have the pills by the end of the night. He was glad that Ava owes him a favor now. Bobbi and Michael saw Nelle on her phone and Bobbi wanted to know what he thought of her.

Jax talked to Carly about Sonny blaming himself for what happened. Carly was surprised that he admitted to what he did. Jax thought that Sonny didn’t think that his lifestyle would affect him until now. Carly was worried that Avery would be stuck with Ava if he goes to prison. Jordan didn’t want Dante in the interrogation room. Jason told Sonny not to plead guilty for what happened to Morgan. He was going to tell Sonny what happened the night Morgan died.

Laura told Kevin that she wanted to stay with Lu Lu. They ended up kissing as Lu Lu walked in on them. She told them about the funeral. Laura was concerned about Valentin saying that they will be connected because they are family. Ava and Griffin showed up at Nina’s office and they went back and forth with insults. Griffin got a text about Charlotte’s DNA test results. Valentin is Charlotte’s father.

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General Hospital 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016.