General Hospital 11-15-16 Recap 15th November 2016


General Hospital 11-15-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-15-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-15-16 Recap 15th November 2016

General Hospital 11-15-16 Recap, Jason told Sonny not to plead guilty for Morgan’s death. He told Sonny that the hit was called off and that someone else tried to kill Julian. Carly didn’t expect Sonny to confess to what happened to Morgan. Michael and Nelle tried to be there for her. Nelle gave Carly the note Sonny had for her. Franco had the address that Tom Baker was staying at, when Liz approached him. He lied to Liz so she wouldn’t find out what he did.

Dr. Obrecht threatened to tell Liz what he did if he didn’t tell her the truth. Anna and Valentin argued over Charlotte. Anna refused to let Valentin take Charlotte. Carly remembered that Sonny had the letter before. She didn’t want to read it until Michael convinced her to do it. Carly asked them if they read it, but they denied it. Nelle flashed back to reading it.

Diane arrived at the police station to talk to Sonny. Jordan and Dante told her that Sonny confessed so it was over for him. Sonny was surprised that he wasn’t responsible for what happened to Morgan. Jason agreed to stay by Sonny’s side. Franco told Obrecht about Tom Baker. She didn’t understand why he would do that for Liz. Liz approached them and wanted to know what happened.

General Hospital 11-15-16 Full Episode 15th November 2016


Franco found the address for Tom Baker. Valentin agreed to let Charlotte go with Anna and Griffin for now. Carly read the letter from Sonny. He left money for Carly and his kids. Jason wanted to know what Sonny planned to do when he talked to the cops. Jordan and Dante went back in the interrogation room.

Anna talked to child protective services about Charlotte. Griffin could keep custody of Charlotte for now. She advised Griffin to be the better parent . Carly was upset that Sonny didn’t protect his kids. Michael tried to defend Sonny to her. Sonny decided to change his mind and didn’t want to say anything to Jordan and Dante about what happened to Morgan. Liz wanted Dr. Obrecht to talk to her, but she didn’t want to say anything to her. She thought Liz was a terrible person. Valentin asked Nina for help with Charlotte. Anna wondered if Griffin could get Claudia’s mother could testify. He didn’t think she would. Jason approached Carly , but she didn’t want to hear about it. Dante wanted to know what changed after he spoke to Jason.

Obrecht refused to let Liz get the best of Franco. Liz found Tom Baker’s address. Franco looked in a window of the house. Tom ended up seeing Franco walk away. Nelle tried to make Michael feel better about Morgan. Diane told Sonny that she would help him get out of confession. Jason told Carly that Sonny didn’t kill Morgan. Liz realized that Franco went after Tom. Franco went inside and saw Tom. Carly wanted to know everything that Jason found out about Morgan. Jason advised Carly to be there for Sonny. Jordan placed Sonny under arrest.

General Hospital 11-15-16 Recap 15th November 2016.