General Hospital 11-16-16 Recap 16th November 2016


General Hospital 11-16-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-16-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-16-16 Recap 16th November 2016

General Hospital 11-16-16 Recap, Jax told Alexis that he did something years ago that would affect Carly. Carly went to see Sonny in prison. She told him about the letter he left. She also told him that Jason told her that he wasn’t responsible for Morgan’s death. She asked Sonny if that changed anything. Franco confronted Tom about raping Liz. Franco wanted to take care of him with a fire poker.

Hayden wanted to know what was wrong with her. Finn told her that he didn’t know how sick she was. He knew that she wasn’t as sick as he is. He told her that he quit working at the hospital. She wanted to know how he would take care of her if he quit. Finn called Liz and told her that he needed her to get him supplies to help save Hayden’s life. Franco told Tom who he was. Tom was familiar with Franco. Tom said he wasn’t the same man who attacked Emily and Liz.

Carly told Sonny that she wanted to know why Morgan’s meds weren’t working. Sonny told Carly that Morgan didn’t die because of him. She asked if that absolved him. He said it didn’t, but someone else killed their son. Kiki told Ava that she missed Morgan. Scott tried to convince Lucy to take him to her place. She was suspicious of his intentions. She knew that he was after the pills.

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Tom told Franco that he was a changed man. He would never rape anyone now. Franco didn’t believe him. Hayden asked Finn again if she had what he had. He said she was sick, but he was going to do everything he could to help her. She thought she was dying. She thought Liz (who showed up at the mansion) would be happy. Jax told Alexis how he got Nelle to donate her kidney to Jocelyn.

Lucy realized that Ava wanted Scott to seduce her so he could get the pills from her. Lucy wanted him to admit that was what he was doing. Kiki was upset that Ava went to the funeral. Ava wanted closure for Morgan’s death. Kiki wondered if Ava heard Sonny’s confession. Carly thought Sonny’s confession was a waste and it wouldn’t bring Morgan back. She wanted to know what he was going to do if Jason finds out who tried to kill Morgan. She wanted to know if he was going to retaliate. He couldn’t answer her question. She thought that was her answer.

Jax continued to tell Alexis about Nelle. Franco choked Tom and made him promise not to see Liz again. He didn’t believe him. He begged Franco not to kill him. Scott admitted to trying to take the pills from Lucy. She wasn’t okay with what he tried to do to her. He told her why he was willing to help Ava. Lucy was upset that he used her to get the pills. Lucy wanted to tell Kiki the truth about Ava, but he stopped her. Kiki told Ava what happened when Sonny confessed to killing Morgan. Kiki was surprised that he wasn’t happy about Sonny going to prison.

Alexis thought Jax should tell Carly that he bought the kidney for Jocelyn. Jax didn’t want to tell her. Alexis thought that he was keeping something else from her. Carly was furious that Sonny wanted to retaliate against Morgan’s killer. She asked if he learned anything at all after everything that happened.

Scott tried to guilt Lucy into not saying anything to Kiki. Lucy didn’t want him to guilt her out of telling Kiki the truth. Scott thought Lucy wanted to have something on Ava for why she didn’t give the pills away. He wanted to go after Ava together. He wanted to take her to the cleaners. Ava wasn’t interested in celebrating Sonny’s confession.

Carly told Sonny that she loves him, but she didn’t want him to start the violence again. She wanted him to change. If he wouldn’t do it, she would. She walked away from him. Alexis wanted Jax to leave without her. She stayed behind at the bar. She started drinking.

Franco saw Liz at the hospital. She wanted to know what he did to Tom. He said he made sure that Tom wasn’t going to mess with her again. Tom ran into Alexis at the bar. He gave her the drink she ordered.

General Hospital 11-16-16 Recap 16th November 2016.