General Hospital 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016


General Hospital 11-17-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-17-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016

Alexis woke up in a strange room and thought about Tom Baker. She wasn’t quite sure what happened to her. Franco told Liz that she didn’t have to worry about Tom anymore. Carly talked to Michael because she noticed that something was going on with him and Nelle. Michael didn’t know what she meant. Michael wondered if it was a problem that they were getting close, but Carly was actually okay with it. Griffin and Anna talked about how Valentin was trying to get to them.

Griffin postponed talking to the Bishop because he wanted to be a good father to Charlotte. He was afraid that the judge wouldn’t give him custody of Charlotte because he’s not her father and he wasn’t married to Claudia. Anna wanted to get ready to go to court. Liz wanted to know what Franco meant by Tom not bothering her again. He told her that he took care of him. Liz figured that he broke into the house and threatened Tom. Franco admitted that he went in the house and threatened him. Franco explained that Tom begged for his life. Liz wasn’t happy about what Franco did.

Alexis got dressed and had more flashes about what happened at the bar. Alexis called out to the person in the bathroom and noticed that the floor was wet. She didn’t get an answer from the person in the bathroom. Jax asked the bartender about Alexis. He knew she was with a guy and that they left together. Alexis continued to think about what happened at the bar.

Tom told her about meeting Franco. She told him that his real name was actually Robert. Tom was surprised that she knew Franco. Alexis wanted to know what Franco wanted from him. Tom wanted to know if she was connected to Franco. Tom remembered that she had an early morning and left her at the bar. Alexis was grateful that she didn’t go to the hotel room with Tom. Someone knocked on the motel room door looking for Alexis.

General Hospital 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016


Griffin, Anna, and Valentin were with the judge. The judge assured them that she will decide who gets custody of Charlotte. Liz felt that Franco could have put her life in danger by confronting Tom. She wasn’t sure if she could trust Franco if he keeps lying to her. The manager of the hotel checked on Alexis and went to the bathroom because the water was on so long. Jax ended up showing up at the motel. Anna told the judge about all of the people that Valentin tortured. The judge asked Griffin about being a priest and wondered if he would be willing to raise Charlotte. Bobbie accused Nelle of trying to steal from Carly when she saw her with money. Bobbie told Carly about what she saw and Nelle admitted that she stole from her. Franco apologized for what he did. Griffin was willing to raise Charlotte. He was also willing to answer any questions the judge had. The judge wanted to hear from Valentin. Valentin let the judge know that Charlotte is his. Carly told Bobbie that she asked Nelle to deposit the money for her. Carly wanted Bobbie to apologize to Nelle, but she didn’t want to do it. Bobbie didn’t trust Nelle at all.

Jax wanted to know what Alexis was doing at the motel. Alexis tried to downplay what she did. Jax told her that he heard that she went to the room with a guy. Alexis admitted that she drank a lot. The manager let Alexis know that she owed the motel a lot of money. Jax wanted to tell her children about her behavior because she needed help. Alexis didn’t think she needed an intervention. Alexis told Jax that she wasn’t sure if she slept with a guy or not.

Jax thought she passed out when she claimed she fell asleep. She was willing to tell Carly what he did to Nelle if he told her daughters about her. Bobbie wanted Carly to watch out for Nelle. Nelle apologized to Bobbie for the misunderstanding. Valentin showed the judge the paternity test results that Anna and Griffin found. He also showed the judge that he was exonerated for the crimes he was accused of committing. The judge heard enough from Griffin and Valentin and wanted to hear from Charlotte. The judge started to talk to Charlotte about Valentin. Liz was walking and ran into Tom Baker.

General Hospital November 18th Spoilers Franco goes against Liz’s wishes in an effort to protect her; Sam and Jason follow up on a critical lead; Griffin loses his cool.
General Hospital 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016.