General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016


General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016

General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap, The judge asked Charlotte what she calls Valentin. She told her that she calls him “papa”. Griffin felt like Valentin was forcing her to say that. Liz got a shock when she ran into Tom. She thought he was following her. Jocelyn asked Jax if Carly was finished with Sonny for good. Julian thought that Sonny confessed to trying to kill him. Curtis let him know that Sonny almost confessed to the crime, but someone stopped him. Jason went to see Sonny. Jocelyn wanted Jax to answer her question, but Carly showed up before he could tell her anything. Jocelyn wanted Jax to stay in Port Charles until Thanksgiving. Liz was about to mace Tom, but he stopped her. Tom told Liz that she didn’t have to send her boyfriend after him. She let him know that she knew about it. Tom told her that Franco choked him. Franco and Sam ran into each other at the hospital and she didn’t want anything to do with him. Franco apologized to Sam for what happened in Hawaii. He realized that he was sick to do what he did to her. She told him to go to H*ll.

The judge asked Charlotte how she felt about Valentin. She told her that she loved him. Julian wanted to know who stopped Sonny from confessing. Curtis told him that Jason stopped him. He wanted Curtis to do some real investigating. Curtis went to Diane to find out more about her client. Jason told Sonny that the person who put the bomb in Julian’s car wasn’t going to confess.

They had to find the person who did it. Sonny didn’t think it would change anything because Morgan is still dead. Carly tried to convince Jocelyn that Jax had a life in Australia, but she didn’t want to hear it. She wanted him to stay with them. Sam realized that Franco wanted to be a better person for Liz. She didn’t think he could change and that he was lying to himself if he didn’t leave her alone. Tom told Liz how Franco threatened him and that he would go to the police if he did it again. Liz told Tom that he’s a threat to her because of what he did to her.

General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016


General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016

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The judge wanted to wrap up the trial so Valentin tried to convince the judge that he’s a good father. Anna had proof that Valentin did bad things because she had a file on him. Anna told the judge that there was no record of Valentin since 2011. The judge heard enough and wanted to go over the files so she could make a decision. Griffin thought the judge would side with him and Anna once she read the file. Valentin didn’t think that would happen. Curtis wanted to know why Sonny started to confess to what happened to Morgan and changed his mind. Diane didn’t plan on saying anything to him because he’s working with Julian. Jason wanted a little more time to prove that Sonny didn’t kill Morgan. Sonny didn’t think it would matter. Sonny was doing this for him. Jason told him about Oscar Jessup. A cop made Jason leave Sonny’s cell.

Carly ended up changing her mind about Jax staying at her house. Carly didn’t think she was doing enough to make Jocelyn feel better. Jax assured her that she was being strong. Valentin provoked Griffin and he punched him. Unfortunately for Griffin, the judge saw him punch Valentin. The judge didn’t like how Griffin hit Valentin. It didn’t have any bearing on the case. The judge awarded custody to Valentin. Carly was glad that Jax was in town for her as well as Jocelyn. Carly got sad once she started talking about Morgan. She didn’t know how she was going to move on from what happened. Jax comforted Carly and Jocelyn saw them together.

Sam told Jason about her encounter with Franco. She let him know that Franco apologized to her. She didn’t care that Franco apologized and didn’t think Liz should be with him. Liz met with Franco and asked him if he choked Tom. He didn’t come out and say it, but she figured out that he did choke him. She was upset because he lied to her. She didn’t think they could work as a couple. He wasn’t sorry for choking Tom because he scared her. Franco wanted to know how Liz found out what he did. Liz told him that Tom told her. Griffin told the judge that she couldn’t give custody to Valentin. She let him know that there was no proof to deny Valentin his rights. If Claudette showed up, then the outcome would be different. She made her decision and it was final. The judge wanted Valentin to stay in New York for now. He said that he had no intention of leaving. The judge allowed Griffin a chance to say goodbye to Charlotte.

Liz made Franco promise her that he would leave Tom alone because she didn’t want him to be taken away from her. Diane went to see Sonny and told him that she had a great case for him. She thought he was pleading guilty, but he told her that he wasn’t doing that anymore. Jason and Sam talked about how they were going to help Sonny. Curtis told Julian that the bomb threat didn’t add up. Julian didn’t want any parts of the investigation because he was convinced that Sonny did it. Julian fired Curtis as his investigator. Liz didn’t want Tom to consume her life. Franco thought about the things that Sam said about him when he apologized to her. Carly and Jax talked about their relationship. She thought that she should have fought harder to make their marriage work. They ended up kissing. Diane wanted to know why Sonny changed his mind about confessing. He wanted justice done. Sam found out that Oscar has been dead since 1990. Curtis wanted to know why Julian was firing him. Julian just wanted to see Sonny in jail. He paid Curtis and Curtis left. Julian got a call from Jessup and told him that he did everything that he asked. He wanted to know what Jessup wanted.

Next on GH Nelle (Chloe Lanier) eavesdrops on a private conversation; Finn (Michael Easton) receives Hayden’s test results; Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jason (Billy Miller) are puzzled by what they see.
General Hospital 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016.