General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016


General Hospital 11-22-16
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General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap, Julian made a call to the person that he’s working with and they talked about Sonny. Ava was upset that Scott couldn’t convince Lucy to give him the pills. She was afraid that Lucy was going to go to Sonny and tell him the truth. Scott was determined to get the pills from Lucy. He told her off screen what his plan was, but she wasn’t impressed with it. Julian was determined to go through with the plan with the mystery caller. Alexis told her daughters that she could be reinstated next year. She just had to stay out of trouble in order to get to work again. Scott invited Lucy to his apartment. Lucy was suspicious of why Scott wanted her there.

Ava saw Julian at the Metro Court. He told her how much he missed his family. She realized how much things changed since they celebrated the holidays together. Jordan and Alexis arrived at Alexis’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. TJ brought Curtis with him to Alexis’ house. Julian sent Alexis a text telling her how much he missed her. There was a shot of the pills in Lucy’s bag. Scott and Lucy were making out until she got up. She wanted to hide her leverage in a safe. Scott didn’t understand why she hid the pills from her because they were going to blackmail Ava and get the money. Lucy didn’t trust Scott and thought he would turn on her. Lucy wanted Scott to prove to him that she could trust him. They started to kiss and fell back on the bed.

Andre wanted to take Jordan away to Chicago to meet his family. She wasn’t sure she wanted to leave TJ. TJ said he would be with Molly’s family and Curtis. Jordan wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave anyway. Jordan noticed that Alexis wasn’t drinking anymore. Sam explained that Alexis wouldn’t drink until she has her baby. Alexis noticed that her guests were drinking alcohol and she was tempted. Scott and Lucy made love. She got a text from Felicia inviting her for Thanksgiving dinner. She ran into the bathroom and he looked at the cabinet with the safe in it. Ki Ki told Ava that Sonny was out of jail on bail. Ava panicked when she found out the news.

General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

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General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

Alexis spilled the mixture that Sam had so she volunteered to get some more whip cream. Julian talked to Grady about closing the deal to sell General Hospital. Grady warned Julian that it wouldn’t help his reputation in the town. Julian didn’t care and wanted to get the deal done soon. Scott let Lucy know that he had to go out. Lucy assumed he was going to tell Ava that he failed to get the pills from her. He lied and said he was going to see a client. She didn’t believe what he had to say. Later, Scott met with Ava and told her that he knew where Lucy hid the pills. He figured out the security code.

Molly, Christina, and Molly were wondering what took Alexis so long. Alexis texted them to let them know that she was meeting Diane. Alexis was at Gene’s bar and read the text from Julian. She also had a drink. Curtis let Jordan know that he got another job. Jordan knew that Curtis was in the area when Pete was killed. She didn’t like how he didn’t tell her about it, but he told her how he called her right away. Julian saw Alexis at the bar. Scott thought that Ava should thank him for his help. Ava thought Sonny could still figure out that she switched the pills. Scott reminded her that he would handle everything and he did.

Scott also reminded her that he would be expecting payment for what he did for her. Jordan told Curtis that he didn’t call, but he told her that he did. Andre interrupted their conversation. Curtis let Jordan know that Andre answered the phone and told him not to bother her again. Jordan didn’t understand why he would do that. Curtis told her that Andre probably noticed what’s been growing between them. Julian went up to Alexis and saw her with a drink. She wanted to know why he was at the bar. He didn’t want to interrupt her.

Next on GH Sonny and Laura reflect on their loss and share a warm moment; Dante and Lulu surprise Max; the Quartermaines face another catastrophic Thanksgiving dinner.

General Hospital 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016.