General Hospital 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016


General Hospital 11-23-16
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General Hospital 11-23-16

General Hospital 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

General Hospital 11-23-16 Recap, Dylan and Ned were upset that their things were missing. They talked to Monica about it and she didn’t know what happened either. Tracey let them know that she took their things and they would get them back. She wanted to have a Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Dante and Lu Lu had Thanksgiving dinner at their place.

Dante called Sonny to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. Dante offered to bring dinner to him. Sonny wanted Dante to focus on his family. Dante didn’t want him to spend the holiday alone. Michael, Jocelyn, and Nelle went to Carly’s place for Thanksgiving. Carly realized that she forgot all about the holiday. Sonny let Dante know that he had plans. Julian saw Alexis at the bar. Dante talked to Sonny about Morgan. Sonny wanted Dante to tell his family happy Thanksgiving for him.

Tracey didn’t appreciate the family trying to get out of having dinner together. She told them that they were going to spend it together the easy way or the hard way. Monica was convinced that they were going to end up having pizza. Carly apologized again for not cooking. Nelle thought about Carly and Jax talking about their kiss. Laura visited Sonny at his house. She told him that Dante and Lu Lu would want to see him. Sonny let her know that he talked to Dante already. Laura knew that Sonny would know what she was going through with her loss. Julian wanted to know how many drinks Alexis had. She joked that she might have had 100. Alexis reminded him about the court order she had against him. Julian told her he would leave and tell Sam what she was drinking. Dante and Lu Lu were talking about their plans and Maxie misunderstood. She thought that they were getting a divorce.

General Hospital 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

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General Hospital 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

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Olivia showed up at Carly’s place and was surprised that she was home. She thought Carly would have been with Sonny. Laura reminded Sonny that people love him and they will get over what happened. She advised him not to push people away when they do come back to their senses. Alexis thought it was funny that Julian was going to tell on her to Sam. Alexis thought she could tell Sam what Julian has been doing to her. Julian thought that she shouldn’t be getting over her problems by getting drunk. Alexis didn’t want Julian to keep sending her text messages. Julian wanted to stop Alexis from going downhill. Tracey tried to come up with ideas for what the family could do for the holiday. They weren’t in the mood and Tracey got upset. Tracey decided to give Ned and Dylan their things back. She wanted to have a traditional dinner with the family since there aren’t that many of them. Lu Lu told Maxie that she and Dante were getting married again.

Olivia was relieved that Sonny changed his mind about the confession. She was also relieved that he wasn’t responsible for what happened to Morgan. Carly thought it didn’t change anything. Olivia thought that it did because Sonny proved that he was willing to change with her. Olivia decided to leave. Sonny called Carly’s phone, but Nelle had the phone. She called out to Carly, but she saw her hugging Jax. Alexis didn’t want Julian to tell Sam that she was drinking. Dante and Lu Lu wanted to get married that day with their family and friends as witnesses.

Ned and Dylan didn’t want Tracey to leave. Ned, Dylan, and Monica thanked her for wanting to have a traditional dinner. Nelle didn’t answer so Sonny left a heartfelt message for Carly. Carly told Jax that she thought about how Sonny agreed to change for her. Nelle didn’t seem to like what she heard and walked off. Michael saw her and called out to her.

Julian was about to call someone to help Alexis, but she threw his phone against the wall and continued to drink. Alexis refused to get help from Julian. Alexis told Julian that Ava would turn on him whenever it suited her. She also let him know that she would be able to practice law again. Nelle told Michael that a friend of hers was alone and she wanted to be with him. Carly questioned whether she should be grieving for Morgan with Sonny. The Quartermaines dinner was ruined because the cook messed up the food so they had to order pizza anyway.

Dante and Lu Lu’s wedding began. They exchanged vows with each other. Everyone said what they were thankful for this season. Carly pictured Sonny while she was looking at Jax. Nelle went to see Sonny. Dante and Lu Lu got remarried. Nelle let Sonny know that Jax was at Carly’s house. Sonny wanted to know if something happened between Carly and Jax. Nelle told him that she saw Carly and Jax kissing. Alexis left the bar and Julian went after her. She got in her car and he went after her. She told him to stay away from him. She accidentally put the car in drive and hit Julian with the car.

Next on GH Thanksgiving is celebrated in Port Charles; Jake has a strange encounter; Duke confronts Anna.
General Hospital 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016.