General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016


General Hospital 11-28-16
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General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap, Nelle told Sonny that she saw Carly and Jax kissing. Carly thanked Jax for being there for her. Jocelyn told Jax to stay with them until Christmas. Jordan asked Andre if he answered her phone when Curtis called him. Julian tried to stop Alexis from driving, but she accidentally put the car in drive and hit him. Alexis got out the car and checked on him. She called someone to let him know what happened. Carly told Jocelyn to stop pressuring her father about staying there.

Jax told them that his mother was sick and he had to go back home. Sonny demanded to know what was going on with Jax and Carly. Nelle told Sonny that Jax was there at night and in the morning. She also told him that he was walking around as if he’s the man of the house. Andre admitted that he answered Jordan’s phone and that he told him to back off. Jordan was upset about it. Curtis tried to make things right with Valerie, but she was upset with him for using her. Curtis wanted to go out with him as friends, but she told him that they weren’t friends anymore.

Sam talked to Jason about how worried she was about Alexis. She noticed that her mother changed since Julian was acquitted and that she lost her job. She hoped that her mother didn’t do anything to jeopardize her job. Alexis called someone to tell them about Julian. She wiped her prints off the phone and threw it. She didn’t want Julian to die on her. Valerie told Curtis that he wasn’t sorry for what he did to her. He was only sorry that he was caught. Andre thought that Curtis jumped at the chance to snitch on him. Jordan let him know that he was wrong because she approached him about the case. Andre thought that Curtis won if she believed what he said. Jordan was upset when Andre said that. Valerie walked away from Curtis. Curtis saw Sam and Jason and wanted to talk about the case. He was suspicious of the van that blocked the surveillance camera.

General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

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General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

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Alexis begged Julian to wake up. She didn’t mean to hit him. She wished that he left her alone. Alexis heard the sirens and realized that she couldn’t stay with him. She was sure that he would be fine and she got in her car. She drove off before the ambulance arrived. Jax wanted Carly to be happy. He hoped that Carly didn’t go back to Sonny, but he wanted her to be happy. Sonny demanded to know if Jax was sleeping with Carly. Nelle told him that she didn’t know anything for a fact, but he heard Jax cancel a suite that he booked to stay with Carly. Curtis, Jason, and Sam continued to talk about what happened with the van. Curtis wanted to help TJ feel better about what happened to Morgan. Alexis went home and no one was there. She thought about hitting Julian. She went to her bar and started to drink.

Ava went to the hospital to find out about Julian. A nurse told her that he was involved in a hit and run accident. Jax went to Alexis’ house. Jocelyn told Carly about the called she missed from Sonny. Nelle gave Sonny a drink and put something in it. Sonny told Nelle about how he and Carly fell for each other. Nelle offered him the scotch that she drugged. Sonny drank all of it. Jordan wanted Andre to apologize and realize that what he did to her was wrong. Curtis told Jason and Sam that he asked Julian about Oscar and that he fired him. Jason told him that Oscar was dead for 26 years. Carly told Jocelyn that Sonny wasn’t responsible for what happened to Morgan. Carly also informed Jocelyn that Jason was investigating what happened to clear Sonny. Jocelyn wanted to know if she forgave Sonny. Nelle pretended to drink too. Nelle looked at Sonny’s cellphone and put it down. Sonny told Nelle that he didn’t need to be at her place. She didn’t want to leave, but he didn’t need her. Nelle wanted to help him and he finally agreed.

Jax wanted to know what was going on with Alexis. He noticed blood on her and wanted to know what happened. Alexis admitted that she might have killed Julian. Ava visited Julian at the hospital. He couldn’t remember what happened to him. Julian wanted Ava to call his kids so he could see them one last time. Ava didn’t want to hear him talking like that. He confessed that he didn’t get back into the business because of her. Alexis told Jax what happened to Julian.

Jax asked Alexis if she called the hospital to check on Julian. She asked Jax to call the hospital to check on him. Valerie went to Julian’s room to find out what happened. Ava started to tell her what she thought happened. Jax told Alexis that Julian was in stable condition. Jax wanted Alexis to get help. Alexis promised to find a treatment center, but Jax wanted her to do it that night. She wanted Jax to trust her, but he told her that he didn’t. Jordan was upset with Andre and didn’t want to go home with him. Valerie asked Julian if he saw the one who hit him. Alexis realized that she hit rock bottom. She promised Jax that she wouldn’t let him down and that she would get help. Nelle took Sonny’s clothes off and got him in the bed. She took her clothes off too and got in the bed with him.

Next on GH Nelle manipulates an unsuspecting Sonny; Franco pursues Tom Baker; Finn races to find a cure for Hayden.

General Hospital 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016.