General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016


General Hospital 11-29-16
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General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap

General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap, Sonny was surprised to wake up and find Nelle in his bed. Nelle pretended to be upset about what happened and begged him not to say anything to Carly. He said that he wouldn’t tell her what happened between them. They were both in for a shock when Carly showed up at his place looking for him. Carly had decided to go see him after all. Needless to say, they panicked when they heard her call him. Sonny called down to her and went to talk to her.

Finn wanted to know what to do next about Hayden’s condition. She didn’t want to wait. She wanted to go to work. She didn’t want to think about dying right now since it wasn’t happening any time soon. Tracey tried to stop her from leaving too, but she didn’t want to stay. Dr. Obrecht tried to convince Franco that Tom didn’t want to go after Liz anymore. Franco was sure that he was going to attack Liz again. He was convinced that Tom hasn’t changed. Obrecht wondered if he thought about going to the police about him. She wanted Franco to wait to see if he would go after Liz again. Franco didn’t want to take the risk of waiting around for him. She wanted to do something now to help her.

Liz let Julian know that he was going to need a lot of care when he leaves the hospital. Molly wanted to know what was going on with Alexis. Alexis tried to downplay what was going on with her. She tried to blame everything on the holiday season. Molly reminded Alexis about how she’s going to be working after the New Year. Jordan showed up at Alexis’ place to talk to her about Julian. Carly wanted to see how Sonny was doing. He let her know that he was doing fine. She wanted to ask him something. Jordan told Alexis that Julian was in the hospital. Alexis wondered if he was seriously hurt. Molly hoped that he was dead. Alexis wanted to know if there were any witnesses. Jordan said there weren’t any witnesses. Alexis wanted to know if he remembered anything, but he only remembered bits and pieces. Jordan wondered if the hit and run was related to what happened to Morgan.

General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

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General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

Dr. Obrecht told Franco that there was nothing he could do to help Liz unless Tom does something. Franco was having Tom tailed with a tracker and knew he was on the move. Carly wanted to know if Jason had any leads on who planted the bomb. Sonny didn’t have any information for her. Carly wanted him to keep him informed. Nelle was eavesdropping on their conversation. Carly wanted to stop punishing him for what happened to Morgan. Carly apologized to Sonny for the way she treated him. Sonny understood because she thought he killed their son. Carly wanted them to look out for each other to get through what happened to Morgan.

Tracey let Finn know that there was nothing for Hayden to do about her disease. Finn thought Hayden was living in denial. He didn’t know how he was going to find a cure because he left General Hospital. Tracey asked if he had enough of his antidote for them, but he didn’t have enough. Liz saw Hayden at the hospital. Hayden started crying and Liz comforted her. Jordan let Alexis know that Sonny is a person of interest. Molly warned Jordan not to go after Sonny. Jordan told Alexis that she might be a target because Julian still loves her. Julian called Alexis. Julian wanted Alexis to come visit him because she owed him that much. Tracey wanted to use her name to get the cure. Finn didn’t want her to get caught so he wanted to take care of getting the cure himself. Franco was worried that Tom was going to bother Liz because he was at General Hospital. Hayden didn’t want Liz to make her feel better anymore and walked away from her. Sonny was happy that Carly wanted to be there for him. Carly noticed the extra glass on the table and wondered who was with Sonny last night.

Next on GH Carly comes clean with Sonny; Dillon tries to cheer up Kiki; Griffin breaks up a fight at the hospital.
General Hospital 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016.