General Hospital 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016

General Hospital 11-7-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-7-16

General Hospital 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016

General Hospital 11-7-16 Recap,While Jason was questioning Pete about the bomb in Julian’s car, Pete was shot. Ava got a text about someone knowing what she did to Morgan. Griffin warned Valentin to stay away from his daughter. Valentin said Charlotte was his daughter. Andre walked in on Jordan and Curtis in a compromising position. When Curtis left, Andre wanted to know what was going on. Jason searched through Pete’s wallet and pockets and found his phone.

Curtis showed up and saw Jason with Pete’s dead body. Curtis accused Jason of killing Pete. Griffin didn’t believe that Valentin was Charlotte’s father. Griffin went to Anna and told him what Valentin said. She showed Griffin the DNA test. Carly went to Sonny and showed him Morgan’s journal. She told him about her suspicions about Morgan’s meds. Lucy snuck up on Ava after she got the text. Lucy told Ava that she knew what she did to Morgan. Lucy told her how she saw Ava in the alley the night she threw away Morgan’s pills. Lucy was curious as to what Ava was doing so she checked the garbage and found the pills.

Carly continued to tell Sonny about her theory. The police showed up and questioned Jason and Curtis about Pete. Jordan told Andre what went on between her and Curtis. Andre told her that he was going to go to Morgan’s funeral. He thought Sonny and Carly would blame him, but he still wanted to be there. Griffin found out that Charlotte isn’t his daughter. Charlotte was happy to see Valentin.

Valentin showed Anna Charlotte’s birth certificate. It said that he is the father. Curtis wanted Jason to give him information about the bomb. Curtis agreed not to say anything about Jason being with Pete if he showed him the phone. Ava denied Lucy’s claims against her. Lucy threatened to tell Sonny and Carly what Ava did to Morgan. Sonny didn’t believe Carly’s theory about the pills.

General Hospital 11-7-16 Full Episode 7th November 2016


He agreed to check Morgan’s medication. Carly found the note Sonny left for her. When he came back, she wanted to know what the letter was. Anna thought Valentin forged the birth certificate. He pricked his finger in order to give them a blood sample. Anna wanted to deal with the situation when the results came back. Lucy wanted Ava to give her a reason why she shouldn’t tell Sonny and Carly the truth. Sonny told Carly that Morgan’s medicine (lithium) was missing. Jason let Curtis see Pete’s phone. Curtis was determined to find out the numbers on Pete’s phone.

Ava told Lucy not to go to Sonny and Carly because she would hurt them. When that didn’t work, she used Kiki as a reason why Lucy shouldn’t say anything. Carly was suspicious as to why Morgan would throw away his medication. When Curtis called Jordan, Andre answered her phone. Andre warned Curtis to stay away from Jordan. Lucy agreed not to tell Sonny and Carly the truth. Ava thought Lucy wanted to keep blackmailing her and she was right. Lucy advised Ava to tell the truth because she might not be the only person who knows what she did.

Written By Michele and Cheryl

General Hospital 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016.