General Hospital 11-8-16 Recap 8th November 2016

General Hospital 11-8-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-8-16

General Hospital 11-8-16 Recap 8th November 2016

General Hospital 11-8-16 Recap,Finn was trying to find a cure for his illness when Brad arrived in the lab. Brad was upset about Finn being in the lab. Brad took a beaker and Finn went ballistic. Finn told Brad that the beaker had pathogen. Brad warned him about safety regulations. Tracey and Hayden left a meeting at the hospital. There was a member at the meeting that didn’t want the hospital ran by someone like Hayden.

Tracey stuck up for Hayden. Hayden promised that she would be able to save the hospital. The member didn’t want to hear anymore and walked off. Tracey warned Hayden not to let her down. The women ended up talking about Finn and how he’s falling for Hayden. Tracey advised her to give Finn a chance. Brad saw them together and told them how Finn looked sick. Hayden went to check on Finn. Tracey told Brad to keep quiet about Finn’s condition. Finn continued to work on the cure when a beaker fell on the floor and broke. Hayden walked in the lab at the time that it broke and stepped in the glass. She cut herself trying to get the glass up. Finn almost hyperventilated when he saw her.

Liz and Franco began to make love when she received a phone call. The call was about the man who raped her being up for release. She told Franco about the situation and how he will always be a threat to her. She decided to make another statement about her rapist. She didn’t want Franco there while she wrote it. She started to type the statement and broke down.

General Hospital 11-8-16 Full Episode 8th November 2016


Franco stayed and comforted her. Diane and Alexis met at the Metro Court to talked about the document that Valentin gave her. While they were there, Diane noticed that Curtis and Julian were there too. Curtis told Julian that Jason knew that he was investigating the explosion and that Pete’s dead. Diane let Alexis know that Valentin’s document was legal and that he’s the one who owns the Cassadine estate. Diane went over to Julian to remind him about the restraining order against him. Julian ended up talking to Alexis about seeing Danny. He also talked to her about whether she was sober. Alexis didn’t want to talk to him anymore and left the Metro Court.

Julian voiced his concern for Alexis to Diane, but she threatened him with a slander suit and left. Julian and Curtis talked about whether Pete turned on him. Tracey met up with Diane and talked about the hospital. The guy that’s on the hospital board met with Julian and told him that the hospital couldn’t get out of debt. Julian was happy to hear it. Alexis was with Danny at her house.

She was drinking and decided to make cookies for him. She passed out on the couch and the kitchen got smoky. Alexis woke up when she heard the smoke alarm. Jason talked to Sam about what happened to Pete. He told her how he got Pete’s phone, but Curtis caught him taking it. They went through his phone to see if they could find something. They saw someone named Oscar on the phone. Jason didn’t recognize the name.

Written By Michele and Cheryl

General Hospital 11-8-16 Recap 8th November 2016.