General Hospital 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016

General Hospital 11-9-16 Recap
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General Hospital 11-9-16

General Hospital 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016

General Hospital 11-9-16 Recap,Carly went to church to pray for Morgan. Sonny was there too and blamed himself for what happened to Morgan. Hayden touched what was in the beaker and Finn panicked. She wanted to know what happened. Michael read an old letter from Morgan to Nelle. Carly let Sonny know that Morgan’s funeral was going to be tomorrow. She let Sonny know that she found out that he wasn’t doing well. Sonny continued to blame himself for Morgan’s death. Griffin went to the chapel and had something to tell Sonny and Carly.

Michael shared a story about Morgan to Nelle. Nathan got a package from Claudette’s mother. Valentin told Nina that Charlotte is his daughter. Alexis got Danny out of the house because the smoke alarm went off. Alexis explained to Danny what happened to the house. Laura showed up at Alexis’ house to find out if she went over Valentin’s paperwork. Alexis took Danny upstairs and Laura noticed that she had a bottle on the table. Griffin told Carly that he heard Sonny canceling the hit on Julian.

Carly already knew that because Sonny told her about it. Michael told Nelle about his and Morgan’s childhood. Nelle let Michael know that he had to keep Morgan’s memory alive. Their conversation became intense when Michael mentioned Sonny’s role in Morgan’s death. Nelle wanted Michael to understand what Sonny is going through.

Finn washed Hayden’s hands to get the pathogen off of her. He noticed that Hayden had a cut on her finger. He thought that any cut on her could mean that she has the same disease as him. Alexis told Laura that a second document that Valentin had was valid. Nina told Valentin that he was the third person who claimed to be Charlotte’s father. He let her know that his name is on her birth certificate and that he’s waiting for the blood work. Nathan read the letter from Claudette’s mother.

Nathan believed that something was wrong with Claudette. Sonny appreciated Griffin taking up for him, but he still blamed himself for what happened with Morgan. Sonny believed that God was punishing him for his sins. Carly went to the Metro Court and told Nelle that there’s a part of her that wanted to be with Sonny, but there is a part of her that can’t because of what happened. Jax showed up and surprised Carly.

General Hospital 11-9-16 Full Episode 9th November 2016


Alexis told Laura that whoever had the will decided to give it to Valentin. Laura realized that Nicolas was murdered for nothing. Finn wanted Hayden to take the pills so she wouldn’t die from the disease that he has. Griffin told Sonny that he wasn’t being punished for his sins. Sonny was determined to take responsibility for what he did and he would do that tomorrow.

Griffin wanted to know what that meant by that. Jax didn’t want to rub Carly’s face in the fact that she went to Sonny. He wanted to be there for her. Sonny was done with running. Griffin wondered when Sonny slept. Sonny told him that he would sleep after the funeral. Griffin wondered if he should become a priest again since so many things are going wrong in his life.

Maxie read Claudette’s letter about Charlotte being Valentin’s daughter. Claudette said that Valentin most likely did something to her if Nathan was reading the letter. Alexis tried to make Laura feel better about Nicolas’ death. After Laura left, Alexis went online to see if she had a drinking problem. Finn apologized to Hayden for what happened. She assured Finn that she wasn’t going to die. Hayden ended up leaving the lab and Finn went after her. Sonny wanted Griffin to take care of his family.

Maxie wanted to help Nathan fight Valentin. Valentin told Nina that he wanted his daughter to have a mother who would care for her. Laura told Hayden that Valentin owned the house and that they should move out of it. Hayden started to feel sick. Finn called Hayden and warned her to go back to the hospital in case she’s infected. Hayden passed out.

Written By Michele and Cheryl

General Hospital 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016.