General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016


General Hospital 12-1-16
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General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap

General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

Franco fought Tom and warned him to stay away from Liz. Liz tried to stop Franco from fighting Tom. Griffin came over to stop the fight. Franco threatened to kill Tom if he went near Liz again. A guard pulled Franco off of Tom. Tom told Liz that Franco was the crazy one not him. KiKi told Dillon that she quit working at the Metro Court because it was too hard for Carly to have her there. Dillon reminded her that she’s out of work and that she should think about what she wants to do with her life.

Laura gave LuLu and Dante a trip for their honeymoon. Kevin wanted to spend time with Laura, but she had to babysit Rocco. Kevin felt like Laura was trying to avoid spending time with him. She was afraid of being hurt. Kevin was willing to wait. Anna wanted to know how Valentin knew so much about the WSB. Valentin gave her an excuse about what he meant by open her eyes, but she didn’t buy it. Dante and LuLu went to the Metro Court to celebrate their honeymoon. Tracey went to see them, but ran into Laura. Laura thanked Tracey for being there for LuLu. Monica asked Kevin for his help to save General Hospital.

Dillon explained that he wasn’t trying to say anything wrong about waitressing, but felt like she was putting off her dream. Anna wanted to know about Valentin’s past. She believed that she met him before. He said he would remember her. Maxie and Nathan warned Nina about what type of man Valentin is, but she was convinced that he’s a good man. Tom told Liz that he paid for his crime, but Franco didn’t. Franco told Tom that he was coming after him. KiKi let Dillon know that she had a bad childhood so she didn’t have any dreams.

General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

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General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

Tracey wanted to know what was going on with Laura and Kevin. Laura explained what happened with Kevin. Tracey advised her to loosen up with Kevin. Kevin agreed to help Monica. Monica wanted Tom out of the hospital. She wanted Franco out too. Franco didn’t understand why he was being thrown out. She wanted to suspend him for two days unless someone could confirm what happened. Liz didn’t say anything. Liz said she was afraid of him now. Franco realized that he was still going to be a monster to her. Tracey helped Laura get ready for Kevin.

Nina told Nathan and Maxie that she wanted to help Charlotte and Valentin. She wanted them to stay out of their business. Anna wanted to know about Valentin’s childhood. He gave her vague details about his life. Anna decided to leave because he wouldn’t tell her anything. Franco went to Heather for advice about Tom. Laura surprised Kevin by being naked under a fur coat and got a shock when he was dressed as Santa Claus. Dillon went to see LuLu and ran into Tracey. She advised him to go after KiKi before he loses her the way he did with LuLu.

Heather was upset that Franco turned her in, but she advised him that Liz was the problem. Liz told Griffin that Franco wasn’t helping her problems with Tom. Anna went to Nina to talk to her about Valentin. Valentin took out a picture of Anna when she was younger. Kevin was surprised to see Laura dressed that way. She was surprised that he was dressed as Santa. He liked her the way she was and wanted her to come inside of his house. Dillon told Tracey that he respected KiKi’s decision not to be with her because of Morgan. Nina told Anna that Valentin went to school in England. Nina wasn’t sure about his past or why she was talking to her. Anna called someone to find out about the school Valentin went to as a child. Valentin wanted to wait to tell Anna about himself. Heather told Franco that he and Liz were happy as long as there are no complications. Liz was afraid of what Franco would do to Tom.

Next on GH Sam is concerned Jason’s trust in Curtis is misplaced; Ava uses Morgan’s death to her advantage; Carly senses something isn’t quite right.
General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016.