General Hospital 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016


General Hospital 12-2-16
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General Hospital 12-2-16 Recap

General Hospital 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016

Alexis wanted to ignore Julian’s messages. She thought about hitting him with her car. She’s about to drink again when Anna arrives. Anna let her know that she might be able to help her get reinstated. Alexis wanted to know what was in it for Anna. Anna wanted some information on Valentin. Alexis was worried about other things, but she told her what she knew. Alexis decided that she didn’t want Anna to help her after all. Alexis was about to leave when she ran into Jason and Sam. They let her know that Julian was in an accident.

Nelle was listening to the recording that she made of her and Sonny when Michael arrived. He wanted her help to get Carly a gift. He asked her to go with him to the Toys For Tots benefit. Curtis overheard Julian talking to Ava about his accident. Julian knew that the police would never find the person who hit him. Ava wanted to go after Sonny while they had the chance, but Julian didn’t want to look for trouble. Ava left Julian’s room so Curtis went in to talk to him. Curtis wanted to find out who was after him. Julian Didn’t want Curtis’ help. He advised Curtis not to get involved or he would regret it.

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General Hospital 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016

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General Hospital 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016

General Hospital 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

Nina and Valentin ran into each other while they were preparing for the toy drive. He offered to get her a drink, but she told him how Anna warned her about him. He explained himself to her and she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. She knew he wasn’t innocent, but she decided to trust him.

Carly showed up at Sonny’s place and woke him up. She let him know that Julian was hit by a car. He wished the person killed him. He wondered if she suspected that he did it, but she didn’t think he was responsible for it. He wants her to believe that he could change. She believed in him and didn’t want any secrets between them. He thought about Nelle, but didn’t let on about it. Ava showed up at Sonny’s place to talk about custody of Avery. She thought Sonny should let her have Avery since he’s going to jail.

Next on GH Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jason (Billy Miller) compare notes; Nelle (Chloe Lanier) misplaces something important; Julian (William deVry) makes Alexis a surprising offer.

General Hospital 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016.