General Hospital 5-14-19 Recap 14th May 2019

General Hospital 5-14-19
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General Hospital 5-14-19 Recap 14th May 2019

General Hospital 5-14-19, Finn called Robert and told him that he wanted the ring back. Robert noticed that the ring was gone. When Mac and Felicia showed up, Robert them that the ring was stolen. Mac told him that he could get a ring similar to Finn’s ring.

Anna went to see Finn. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about what was going on with Jordan. He told her about doctor/patient confidentiality. When Chase walked in the room, he looked at Anna’s finger. When Finn got rid of Anna, he argued with Chase. Finn didn’t like Chase butting in his business. Finn told him that he didn’t get a chance to propose to Anna. Finn said Robert had the ring. Chase wanted to get the ring back for him. Finn said he was able to handle it. Chase told him that things were awkward between him and Willow because of Shiloh.

General Hospital 5-14-19 Recap 14th May 2019

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General Hospital 5-14-19

Kevin called a journalist so he and Ava could be seen. She wanted to do whatever it took to get Ryan’s attention. Kevin wanted to get it over with. Ava didn’t like that and told him that she wasn’t that bad. When they noticed the journalist, they kissed each other. It turned out to be Julian. Julian said he was taking advantage of Ava.

Ava told Julian that she and Kevin were together. Julian thought she was crazier than he realized. Kevin thought Julian was a bad brother. Kevin questioned his parenting skills. Julian punched him in the face. The journalist showed up and took a picture. The police showed up and got a statement from Julian. Julian wanted Ava to help him, but Kevin wanted to press charges against him.

Michael went to see Willow at school. He wanted to thank her for helping Kristina. When he hugged her, Nina and Valentin showed up. Michael ended up leaving. Nina called Sasha to tell her that Michael comforted Willow. When the principal showed up, everyone was upset about the book that was taken from the library. Nina said it was Willow’s fault. Nina suddenly changed her tune and said the book wasn’t assigned reading. After the meeting, Nina accused Willow of being a liar. Nina said she would be watching her. The principal told Willow that she wouldn’t be back in the fall.

While Peter Maxie, Laura and Curtis were in Toronto, they played a game in the hotel room. Laura and Curtis felt they were in the way. She suggested that he go home. She wanted to check the house again. He wanted to go with her.

Maxie told Laura that this was her first date with Peter and she wasn’t sure what she should do. She thought Peter would think he wasn’t good enough for her. Laura thought Maxie should make a move on him. Laura and Curtis left them alone.

Peter and Maxie didn’t know what to do. They talked about going to sleep. They went to separate rooms. They ended up in the same room and started kissing. They made love.

Curtis and Laura went to the isolated house. They talked to the owner of the house. She didn’t let them in the house. She had articles about Ryan on her table. While they were talking to her, she closed the door in their faces. Someone stabbed the picture of Kevin and Ava.

Next on General Hospital, Sam has a proposal for Shiloh. Jason takes Carly to the hospital. Curtis grows suspicious. Finn checks in with Jordan. Anna misunderstands a conversation she overhears.

General Hospital 5-14-19 Recap 14th May 2019.


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