General Hospital 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019

General Hospital 6-1-19
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General Hospital 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019

General Hospital 6-11-19, Sonny tried to keep Jason from being upset that Shiloh was free. Jason wanted to kill him. Sonny said he would go to prison. When Jason left, Kristina came in. She was upset that Shiloh was free. Sonny told her not to be scared.

Kristina didn’t want Shiloh to die because of what he did to her. She wanted to take responsibility for what she did. Sonny told her that he believed in her. She wanted him to stop fixing things for her. She doesn’t want his death on her hands. She wanted Sonny to understand.

General Hospital 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019

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General Hospital 6-11-19

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Shiloh was at Charlie’s. Sam was outside. Jason called her. He told her that Shiloh was free. When she went inside Charlie’s, she saw Shiloh. She told Jason Shiloh was there. Shiloh saw her and said he was sorry.

Shiloh told Sam that Harmony was the one who drugged her. Sam said she didn’t consent to it. Sam thought it was great that he put on a con this long. He grabbed her hand while they were talking. Jason showed up and threatened Shiloh.

Shiloh told Jason and Sam that the police would arrest them if they touched him. When Shiloh left, Sam told Jason that Shiloh would never touch her again. He told her that he still thought about Franco holding her captive. Jason didn’t want her to change who she was even if it scared him. She told him she loved him. She said he made her feel safe.

Chase told Willow that Shiloh was free. Willow thought Harmony had something to do with it. Willow said Harmony was always the way she was. She said her father was suspicious, but Shiloh talked him out of it. Willow said Harmony sleeping with Shiloh drove her father away. She said her father died.

Willow said Harmony made her join the DoD. Willow said Harmony was upset that Shiloh wanted her over Harmony. Chase said she could help Wiley. She wanted to make sure there was no proof that Wiley was her son. She wanted to destroy the medical bracelet. Chase wanted to hold on to it until Shiloh was arrested.

Alexis went to see Neil. She told him about Willow and Shiloh’s baby. Alexis told Neil that Julian wanted her to help Lucas keep Wiley. Alexis and Neil talked about her crimes and embarrassment. She wondered if she was any better than Sonny.

Shiloh went to see Charlotte. They talked about the cult. She said she was a fan. He lied and asked about his sister Willow. Charlotte let him know that there was a record of Willow being at the hospital and had a baby.

General Hospital 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019


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