General Hospital 6-12-19 Recap 12th June 2019

General Hospital 6-12-19
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General Hospital 6-12-19 Recap 12th June 2019

General Hospital 6-12-19, Nina, Maxie, and Ava were at Crimson preparing to do the story when Jax showed up. He wanted Maxie to show Josslyn around the building. Jax wanted to know what they were doing so Nina told him about the story she was doing on Ava.

He wondered why Nina cared about Ava’s integrity after what she did. He reminded her how she killed Connie and Morgan. Nina apologized for what Jax did to her. She decided she didn’t want to tell her story anymore and left the office. Nina wanted Jax to go after her and convince her to do the story.

General Hospital 6-12-19 Recap 12th June 2019

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General Hospital 6-12-19

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Jordan talked to Liz about her surgery. She was shocked Ryan was willing to help her. Kevin and Franco showed up to check on Jordan. Ryan woke up in Pentonville hospital. Finn and Valerie went there to see him. He wondered why he was there and why his stomach was hurting so badly. Finn let him know his kidney was removed. Valerie left the room. Ryan let him know he didn’t allow Jordan to have his kidney. Ryan put two and two together and realized Finn and Kevin were responsible for his kidney being removed. Ryan put Finn on notice and told him that he would make him and Kevin pay for what they did to him. Finn left his room. After Finn left, someone else entered the room.

Jordan still didn’t understand why Ryan changed his mind about giving her the kidney. She wanted to talk to Ryan. Kevin told her how Ryan slipped into a coma. He also let her know he was taken to Pentonville. Jordan got out of her room and ran into Curtis, Stella, and Valerie. Jordan wanted to know why they didn’t tell her about Ryan being in a coma.

Valerie ended up telling her about Ryan being awake and how he didn’t agree to give her his kidney. Kevin lied and said Ryan was trying to cop an insanity plea. Jordan would not let that happen. Stella wanted her to get some rest. Jordan went back to her room and called Chase. She wanted him to check on something. Curtis went back to check on Jordan. She told him that she thought Ryan was forced to give up his kidney. Curtis had a flashback of how everything happened.

General Hospital 6-12-19 Recap 12th June 2019.


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