General Hospital 6-14-19 Recap 14th June 2019

General Hospital 6-14-19
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General Hospital 6-14-19 Recap 14th June 2019

General Hospital 6-14-19, Nina, Sam and Jason met with Carly. They talked about Shiloh and what was going on with him. They talked about how people were coming forward about The Trust and the pledges.

General Hospital 6-14-19 Recap 14th June 2019

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General Hospital 6-14-19

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Michael and Willow saw Shiloh watching them. When Shiloh walked away, Willow was afraid that Shiloh knew the baby was alive. Michael told her that Diane would take care of it if he got the information illegally. Willow called Diane and told her that she got a court order. Diane was able to make her feel better. Willow told Michael that she knew what needed to be done.

Brad went to Pentonville to drop off supplies. He saw Nelle. She asked if something was wrong with the baby. He told her the baby was fine. He said the mother of the child he was supposed to have adopted is sneaking around in their lives. He said the biological father is involved too. He was scared about what would happen if the truth came out.

Brad wanted to make sure Nelle wanted the baby with him and Lucas and not Michael. She asked how Michael was. She wanted to know who he took to the ball. Brad told her to get over Michael. Nelle said she might be out on parole. She wondered if he would let her be a part of the baby’s life. He didn’t want to make any plans. Nelle thought Wiley should have a female figure in his life. She said she wasn’t a threat. She didn’t want Carly to be near the baby.

Margaux ran into Shiloh. She was surprised that he was able to get Harmony to lie for him. He said Harmony was guilty. He said he had nothing to do with what she did. Margaux said he was delusional. He told her that she would realize how much DoD helped her and she would be back.

Michael saw Shiloh and rubbed it in that he lost followers. Shiloh said he would have more followers soon. Shiloh wanted to go back home. Michael told him that he bought the house that Shiloh was renting. Michael said he was turning the house into something for abused women. Shiloh told him that he had a lease. Shiloh wished him luck trying to get rid of him.

Willow went to see Harmony at the police station. Willow found out that she was going to Pentonville. Willow wanted her to realize what Shiloh was doing. Willow said Shiloh was making her go down for something he did. She asked her to work with her to bring Shiloh down. Willow wanted to be a family again. Willow wanted her to tell the truth. A police officer showed up and took Harmony.

Margaux wanted to talk to Jason. She told him about a DoD member who died of a drug overdose after an argument with Shiloh. She thought there would be something there even though the case was closed.

Nelle met her new roommate at Pentonville. Her roommate turned out to be Harmony.

General Hospital 6-14-19 Recap 14th June 2019.


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