General Hospital 6-19-19 Recap 19th June 2019

General Hospital 6-19-19
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General Hospital 6-19-19 Recap 19th June 2019

General Hospital 6-19-19, Kevin and Laura showed up at the hospital to meet Finn. They wondered if he had to tell them about Ryan. Finn said Ryan was okay. Finn said no one cared about Ryan saying his kidney was taken without permission. Finn wanted to talk to Kevin about his suspension.

General Hospital 6-19-19 Recap 19th June 2019

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General Hospital 6-19-19

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Finn told Kevin that the board had a meeting. The board decided to reinstate Kevin. Kevin was happy. He thanked Laura for being there for him.

Michael went to see his parents. Jason showed up with news from Margaux. He told them about Douglas Miller’s death at DoD. Harmony’s real last name Miller. She was Douglas’s wife. Jason wanted to investigate what was going on. Michael suspected that Harmony was Willow’s mother. He wanted to wait until he got more information. When Michael left, Sonny thought he was going to see Willow.

Chase told Willow that Diane would keep Shiloh from Wiley. She wasn’t sure that would stop Shiloh. He told her who Wiley’s aunts were. He said they were married to Sonny and Jason. He said a lot people were looking out for Wiley. She left meet with Diane.

Willow met with Diane to talk about the case. Diane said Shiloh had a ruthless attorney so Willow had to relax. Diane said she would make her look like a good person compared to Shiloh.

Diane told Willow that they would tell the court about DoD. Diane told her to get some sleep. Michael sent Willow a text. Willow went to meet him.

Michael had to ask Willow about Shiloh. He told her about Douglas Miller’s death. He said it was Harmony’s ex. He wanted to know if Douglas was her father. She said he was her father, but she couldn’t talk about it. He wanted to know why. She said she killed him.

Joss found Dev in Lulu’s place. He was holding a bag. She took his picture. She warned him to leave before the police came. Dev left. Joss called the police. When Lulu showed up, Joss was talking to the police.

When the police left, Lulu told Joss that it didn’t look as if Dev took anything. Lulu wondered why she went in the house when someone broke in. Lulu told her that she could have been killed.

At the police station, Dev was there. Lulu and Joss showed up. Joss said he was the one broke in. Dev said he didn’t break in. He said he caught the person who broke in and scared the person away. Dev said he was Sonny’s friend.

Joss called Sonny and told him that Dev said he knew him. Sonny went to the police station. When he saw Dev, he remembered him from Turkey. Sonny told Chase he might have messed up. Sonny wanted to talk to Dev.

General Hospital 6-19-19 Recap 19th June 2019.


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