General Hospital 6-25-19 Recap 25th June 2019

General Hospital 6-25-19
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General Hospital 6-25-19 Recap 25th June 2019

General Hospital 6-25-19, Michael wanted Carol to talk to him about Shiloh. She refused to do it. Jason was listening to them from his car. Michael talked to Carol about Douglas’ death. She said she felt like a fool going along with Shiloh’s plan. Michael said Shiloh killed Douglas and he needed her to take the fall.

General Hospital 6-25-19 Recap 25th June 2019

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General Hospital 6-25-19

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Carol didn’t want to believe what Michael was saying until he convinced her. He asked her to come to Port Charles so she could testify against Shiloh. He said she could clear her name and make him pay. When they went outside, they saw Jason.

Michael told Carol that Jason would protect her. She said she couldn’t leave town because of her ankle monitor. Jason was able to take it off of her. When they were about to leave, a cop was there. The cop recognized Jason’s license plates and told him that he wasn’t supposed to be back there.

During the trial, the judge told Willow to give Shiloh what he needed. Diane objected because he got the evidence illegally. Shiloh’s lawyer objected. The lawyers argued over the case. The judge still wanted Willow to give Shiloh the information. Willow didn’t have to testify, but the judge could question Diane. When Diane didn’t want to, he held her in contempt.

Before Diane was taken to jail, Willow said she had a baby. She said Shiloh wouldn’t find him. Willow yelled at Shiloh. She didn’t want to give him the records. The judge found her in contempt. Chase arrested her.

Bobbie slapped Julian for helping Lucas. She thought Lucas could lose Wiley because of what he did. Julian tried to defend his actions. When Scott showed up, she said she felt about him the way she felt about Shiloh. When he left, she passed out.

Scott took Bobbie to the hospital. She told Lucas that she was okay. She ended up being dehydrated. Lucas asked her questions. He wanted to give her a blood test. He was concerned that she might have diabetes. She didn’t want to hear that and walked out. Scott went after her. He said he would be there for her.

General Hospital 6-25-19 Recap 25th June 2019.


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