General Hospital 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

General Hospital 7-12-19
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General Hospital 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

General Hospital 7-12-19, Sonny told Dev that Jax will ask questions about him. Dev didn’t want to finish school. He wanted to work for him. Sonny didn’t want him to work for him. He didn’t think he was ready. Chase wanted to bring Hayden in for questioning. He wanted her to be questioned for what happened to Obrecht. Lulu and Laura met to eat. She admitted that she was starting to feel resentful of Dante. She knew he needed help, but that’s how she felt. Laura thought they should bring him home to get treatment. She didn’t think the WSB had a good reputation for helping their agents.

General Hospital 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

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General Hospital 7-12-19

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Valentin went to see Nina at the office. He was worried about Jax because he had the files on Cassandra Pierce. He told her he had an associate check on it. Nina figured out that Curtis was working with him. Peter and Maxie went to see Dante. The agent said he didn’t want to see them. Maxie wouldn’t take no for an answer so she went to Dante’s room. She called out to Dante and a gun went off.

Mac had a warrant for Shiloh’s arrest. Jason told him that Shiloh was at General Hospital. Chase and Hayden arrived at the station. She wanted to see her lawyer. Finn wanted Chase to go easy on her. Chase wanted to know about the connection between him and Hayden. Finn admitted that they were engaged at one point. Jax showed up at the police station. He heard Chase asking about what Hayden’s relationship was to Finn.

Willow told Michael that Harmony turned on Shiloh. Michael let her know that Shiloh was getting a DNA test results on Wiley. Jordan and Curtis found out that she was doing well. They ended up seeing Lucas punching Shiloh. Shiloh wanted Lucas arrested for attacking him. She couldn’t arrest him. Mac showed up with Jason and Sam and Shiloh was arrested. Sam and Jason let him know that Carol and Harmony sold him out. Shiloh was dragged off. He ended up dropping the test results. Sam gave Lucas the envelope.

Chase let Hayden go because there wasn’t enough evidence to hold her. Hayden left with Jax. Mac told Chase that Shiloh was arrested. Willow was afraid that Shiloh would go after Wiley. Michael didn’t think that would happen. He wanted to go to General Hospital and see what was going on. Chase went to see Willow and took her out of her cell. He ended up putting Shiloh in it. He told her that he would get out and he would be a father to his son.

Jax wanted an explanation from Hayden about the kiss she gave him. He thought she did that for Finn’s benefit. He wanted her to let Finn know they aren’t together. He wanted to focus on the job they were supposed to do. Valentin explained to Nina that Jax’s motives had to do with her as well as Caroline’s near fatal overdose. Jax introduced Hayden as the new CFO.

General Hospital 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019.


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