General Hospital 7-19-19 Recap 19th July 2019

General Hospital 7-19-19
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General Hospital 7-19-19 Recap 19th July 2019

General Hospital 7-19-19, Jordan and Curtis went to see Ryan. She thanked him for saving her life. He let her know that his kidney was stolen from him. He told her a crime was committed. Ryan wanted to know if she was going to do anything.

General Hospital 7-19-19 Recap 19th July 2019

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General Hospital 7-19-19

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He basically let her know that she was only alive because of him. He told her that she would never be able to get it out of her. Willow let Harmony know that Shiloh was arrested. She was thankful because her son was safe. Willow didn’t want Harmony to allow Shiloh to manipulate her.

Drew and Jason talked about Shiloh. Drew noticed that Shiloh was too interested in his past. He assumed the story Shiloh told him about the war was a lie, but he wondered why Shiloh wanted to reconnect with him. Chase and Laura were at the station. They were in for a shock when they found out Shiloh was able to pay his bill. Chase wanted Shiloh’s passport. He gave up the passport and left with Daisy. He wanted her to help him get a criminal lawyer. She couldn’t do it because she used up her trust fund money to pay his bail. She told him that her parents cut her off. He assured her that things would get better.

Jordan let Curtis know she wasn’t happy about how she got her kidney. She had to live with it, but she didn’t like it. Shiloh and Daisy ran into Kristina and he wanted to make amends. Daisy asked her if she would help build DoD again. Shiloh wished her the best and wanted to see her again soon. She told him that he would because she was testifying against him. Chase met with Willow and told her that Shiloh made bail. She thought Shiloh would be able to get to Wiley.

Shiloh went to see Harmony at Pentonville. She was surprised he was out of jail. He told her how his followers were loyal and wanted her to be too. She said she wasn’t going to be loyal to him. He begged her to take back her statement and he would get her out. He wanted to raise his son with her. She let him know that she planned on telling everything they did in court. She wanted her grandson to be safe from him since he will be in prison. She didn’t want to talk to him anymore and told the guard to get her.

General Hospital 7-19-19 Recap 19th July 2019.


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