General Hospital 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019

General Hospital 8-13-19
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General Hospital 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019

General Hospital 8-13-19, Laura met with Chelsea. Laura wanted to contact her dead brother Jonathan. Chelsea said she couldn’t find him. Chelsea said it was as if he didn’t exist.

General Hospital 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019

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General Hospital 8-13-19

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Chelsea said Laura’s sister wished her well. Chelsea got a message about Laura’s son being in danger. Chelsea wouldn’t say anything else until she got paid. Laura told her that she had to think about it. She called Lucky. He was okay. She yelled at Chelsea for violating the law against fortune telling. Chelsea said she wasn’t a fortune teller. Chelsea said Lucky wasn’t the one she had to worry about.

Ava asked Julian why there was a for sale sign outside of Charlie’s. He told her he was moving away with Kim to make a new start. She said she needed him. Ava said grief followed you wherever you are. Chelsea walked in. Ava told her that Julian was leaving. Chelsea said he wasn’t going anywhere.

Jax talked to Nina at Crimson. She said she would be working for a while since her doctor was in the hospital. He comforted her when she started crying. When Nina left, Hayden told him that they had to use Nina’s trust in him to their advantage. Hayden wanted to go in Helena’s trophy room. Jax didn’t want to take advantage.

Kevin told Drew that Franco thought he was Drew and that it was 2012. Franco told Liz that he wanted to talk to his superior. She told him that she was his wife. He said he never saw her before. He said to stop calling him Franco. Drew and Kevin came in. Kevin sedated Franco.

Kevin wanted to talk to Franco. They went back to Franco’s room. They told him he wasn’t Franco anymore. Kevin left to take a call. Franco didn’t believe anyone. They gave him a mirror so he could see his face.

General Hospital 8-13-19 Recap 13th August 2019.


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